2. Research methodology

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It is necessary to explain in the very beginning the spiritual-scientific methods applied to received and develop the present ideas: (i) investigation and research of esoteric texts on a large scale; (ii) spiritual-scientific analysis and comparison of the collected information; (iii) formulating summarized theses and theorems; (iv) applying the principle of correspondence and analogy under the conditions of free imaginative reflections; the culmination of this process is the reception of inspirational thoughts and ideas of a new nature in terms of quality (this is not about imaginative and inspirational consciousness of a purest kind but about certain first steps taken in this direction); (v) reflection, discussion and verification of the newly gathered information in a group, as well as delivering of lectures and preparation of seminars and discussions in a wider circle on evolved themes and ideas; (vi) observation of the causes and consequences in the arisen life of the newly established spiritual-scientific environment; (vii) targeted monitoring whether the newly evolved ideas serve the centralizing Christ principle or the polarizing Luciferic, Arimanic influences and whether the newly evolved ideas serve the Michael cosmopolitan aims towards the achievement of unified and global common human spirituality, centred in the Esoteric Christianity.

For the sake of maximum precision and accuracy, when delivering information sourced from an anthroposophic work, it is referenced by the catalogue number and the date of the lecture. When a new thesis is stated, received after intensive work under the above-mentioned methods, it is indexed by [*]. This is done solely in the name of the Michael freedom and the scientific approach to spirituality under the contemporary circumstances in the epoch of the Consiousness Soul. The team developing the present ideas does not aim to impose them in any way upon the readers with anthroposophic interests; on the contrary, the team has a humble hope that they will be considered as an attempt for a free and individual entering into the wide space of the spiritual-scientific ocean of the contemporary Esoteric Christianity.

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