3. The Teaching about the Lodge of Bodhisattvas

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3.1. The organization of the White Lodge and its activity nowadays. The structure of the human ‘I’

The impulse to become aware of our own essence is that recursive swirl which transforms us in ‘I’-beings. If the Ancient Greeks have bequeathed to us the popular saying know thyself, then Parsifal has weaved into our souls the question, what is the secret of the Grail? Two thousand years after the Turning Point of Times and almost a century after Anthroposophy penetrated the European culture, the striving towards self-knowledge has not faded but has transformed into a Spiritual Science. In this writing we, inspired by the legend about the seeking Parsifal, shall take the liberty to put forward questions from our inquiring souls and to chisel out of our ‘I’ the anticipated form of the Holy Chalice.1

So the following are the two issues, which will constitute the milestone of this article.

What is the organization of the White Lodge of Masters to humankind and what is its activity nowadays?

What is the structure of the human ‘I’?

This is in fact again the issue of the ‘I’-ness but in macrocosmic and microcosmic aspects. Christ-Jesus and His sacrificing deed are the very essence of the Macrocosmic ‘I’-ness2, which gradually becomes an ever growing ‘I’-ness of the entire humankind. Just as a human being has an individual ‘I’, similarly the very humankind forms a complete organism*, which finds its organizing center in the ‘I’ of the Cosmos3. As soon as we get to know the structure of the human ‘I’, we shall get to know the essence and the activity of the White Lodge. Conversely, if we examine the activity of the Christ Being and His heralds, the Masters of humankind, we shall also get an in-depth knowledge of our essence.

If we contemplate the structure of the human ‘I’ by applying the methods of the Spiritual Science, we can discover a double twelve-ness*. The twelve senses described in detail by Rudolf Steiner4, are the link of the human ‘I’ with the outer, the objective and the macrocosmic5. On the other hand, the very intimate, internal structure of the ‘I’, as a microcosm is also divided in twelve. It can be represented by the center-periphery idea. The center of the human ‘I’ is the very spark of God, granted by the macrocosmic ‘I’: Christ6, while the periphery of the ‘I’ is structured and formed similarly to the twelve-sign Zodiac: three basic tendencies (Consciousness Soul, Intellectual Soul and Sentient Soul), each having four internal functions7. The outer sentient twelve-ness is the periphery, having the internal microcosm of the ‘I’ as center, which in turn also has a periphery of twelve immanent functions and a center of its own: Christ. However, the human ‘I’ is a result and a projection of the Macrocosmic Humankind ‘I’.

Does the Cosmic ‘I’ of humankind have a similar organization, and if so, what is the opinion of the Spiritual Science on this issue.

It is clear from the information presented by Rudolf Steiner8, that there is a Lodge of 12 Masters9, having traveled the path, facing humankind, a long time ago. We know, concerning these Masters of humankind, that at any time there are seven of them dynamically incarnated on the physical level, while the remaining five are in the spiritual world. They often appear in the world as ordinary people but they bear sublime virtues and work toward one sacred purpose, that humankind should be able to apply practically the Wisdom streaming from the Holy Spirit in the name of Christ. In these written answers Rudolf Steiner mentioned the names of the following: The Master Jesus, Kuthumi, Moriah, Illarion, Saint-Germaine (Christian Rosencreutz). On the other hand, Rudolf Steiner, talks also about one still more supreme Lodge consisting of twelve human beings at the Bodhisattva level of development10. These exceptionally advanced human beings inhabit the World of Providence and contemplate directly the Christ Being11. They are known to be intensely connected with the spiritual world and only partly with the physical one12. They have a specific mission to humankind related with the ever more profound knowledge of the Christ Being13. Currently one of them has a special mission on the Earth and is to become the first Enlightened, the first Buddha after Christ. Five thousand years after receiving the tiara of Wisdom, the tiara of the Holy Spirit of Gautama Buddha, he will make the decisive step from the Bodhisattva level to the Buddha level, via penetrating human life and culture by a mighty moral power resulting from Christ’s Power and Life14. Rudolf Steiner talks specifically about several Bodhisattvas. Scitianus, Zarathustra, Gautama15 worked upon humankind on successive missions and have passed from the Bodhisattva level to the Buddha level. It was already mentioned that the current Bodhisattva works upon humankind, and took over the mission to be a herald of the Holy Spirit on the Earth after Guatama. His mission starts approximately 600 years before the Turning Point in Time. Rudolf Steiner, in a series of lectures, talks also about Bodhisattva Apollo, manifested through Orpheus, who had a special mission for the development of the human soul through music16. According to Elizabeth Vreede17, and according to the architectural imagination imparted by Rudolf Steiner in the interior of the small dome of the First Goetheanum, it can be argued that six of the Bodhisattvas appeared prior to the Mystery of Golgotha and six will appear after it18.

So, we can outline the following idea*: The White Lodge of Masters to humankind is one unity. This unified spiritual organism is structurally similar to the human ‘I’ because this Lodge is in itself the very principle of ‘I’-ness of humankind19. Thus the Whole projects its fractal model onto its parts, by forming the so-called golden (solar) proportion. In other words the principle of macrocosmic ‘I’-ness, the very ‘I’ of humankind has a structure similar to the ‘I’ of the human being. If the human ‘I’ has a double twelve-ness in itself expressed in the twelve senses and the twelve internal spiritual functions, then the ‘I’ of humankind has a double twelve-ness expressed, respectively, in the Lodge of the twelve Masters-Mahatmas and the Lodge of the twelve Great Masters: Bodhisattvas.

The human ‘I’ has its own intimate center, which has a direct link with the Christ Being. What is the analogous center of the ‘I’ of humankind?

The intimate center of the ‘I’ of humankind is the Natan Soul20, which is separated and saved from the Luciferic temptation during Lemuria. It is the soul-mate of all humanity, the soul-mate of the primary Adam. Penetrating it, Christ performed his sacrifices in the name of the salvation and advancement of the human race. When commenting upon the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge we can contemplate it as one intimate part of the ‘I’ of humankind, one more internal organism of the White Lodge. The Bodhisattvas’ Lodge is the very Soul of humankind*, the living zodiac surrounding and elevating the human hierarchy, a zodiac permeated by the Holy Spirit21 and centered on the sacrificing deed of Christ through the soul-mate of the primary Adam. The soul of the Natan Jesus and the twelve Bodhisattvas are one whole, just as the center and periphery of the circle cannot be separated.

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