3.2. Misunderstanding about what Bodhisattva is

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It should be noted that it would be a gross mistake to identify the Lodge of the twelve Masters-Mahatmas (The Master Jesus, Kuthumi, Moriah, Illarion, Christian Rosencreutz etc.)22 with the Lodge of the twelve Bodhisattvas (Scitianus, Zarathustra, Gautama, Apollo, Maitreya etc.)23. If such a mistake is allowed, it would amount to arguing that the twelve senses and the twelve internal functions of the human ‘I’ are the same thing, which is utterly incorrect. It can be said that the primary source of a similarly wrong conception is to be found in the interpretation of Hella Wiesberger (Hella Wiesberger, GA 264), who assumes that Master Jesus (Master Zarathustra) is the Bodhisattva who has completed its mission and elevated to Buddha before the mission of Gautama Buddha. In this way it places a sign of equality between the ranks of masters (Master-Mahatma, Bodhisattva and Buddha) in the sense that they are all Masters of Humankind. However, in this way Hella Wiesberger omits the fact that these Masters come from different levels of development and their ranks should not be made equal.24

Examining the issue concerning the essence of the Bodhisattva being, one may fall under another specific delusion, deriving from the Oriental point of view, which does not emphasize the development of the human ‘I’. Thus taking cue from interpretations of GA 110 (17.04.1909) the concepts of the Bodhisattva being and of the Archanl being are taken to be identical or to mean the same thing. In view of avoiding any misunderstanding in this direction, we should again quote Rudolf Steiner’s words: The Bodhisattva is a human being, strongly connected with the Spiritual world and only partly living in the physical world.25, moreover, Bodhisattva is called such a human being, who, to a certain degree, has sufficiently received in the self the Buddha [principle]26 on the Earth.27 Therefore the concept of Bodhisattva designates certain stages in the human development. Rudolf Steiner specifies, When such a being becomes Bodhisattva, Buddha or Master-Mahatma, this means that its internal development is exceptionally high but still as high as can be traveled by any human being. Esoteric education is the beginning of what leads to the Buddha [stage of development]28.

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