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Are there any other substantial signs, ideas or conclusions on the issue, which can additionally orient the spiritual-scientific researcher?

We shall try to briefly hint at some supplementary conclusions and ideas, which throw light on the issue: Power and Life

Rudolf Steiner unambiguously expressed the idea that Bodhisattva Maitreya brings, prepares and manifests the innermost understanding of all necessary concepts and details with relation to the Mystery of Golgotha. Apart from this in the same lecture where Rudolf Steiner discloses some of the most important details about the mission of Bodhisattva Maitreya, (Leipzig on 4 November 1911), he also hinted at an important key, a kind of a verbal password: The Impulse of Christ is POWER and LIFE… It points at the intimate Center of the Esoteric Christianity contemplated by the twelve Bodhisattvas. According to us, however, it is a key to the discovery of the Word of the 20th century Bodhisattva, which provides us with orientation to the present activity of the Christ Being. Any follower of the Teaching of the Master Peter Deunov is intimately familiar with this idea. To every Bulgarian cultural researcher the phrase Power and Life is synonymous with the basis of the Teaching and with the esoteric understanding of the Gospels texts. This cultural phenomenon has its historic grounds: when people asked the Master Peter Deunov from where to start studying his Teaching, he guided his followers to the published talks in six volumes, titled Power and Life (1914 – 1924)98. It is exactly there (by the Esoteric-Christian point of view) examined in greatest detail, almost all the lines from the Gospels. In our opinion, Rudolf Steiner stating the intimate idea about Christ in the lectures, which are the best orientation about the mission of the Bodhisattva in the present time, actually has given us one of the main methods by which we can recognize the Bodhisattva: the Bodhisattva contemplates and obtains inspiration for his Word from the Power and Life of Christ. This is also why the Word of the Bodhisattva will lead the souls to the Power and Life of Christ, the Word of the Bodhisattva will be titled Power and Life. And indeed, there is one Master in 20th century, who called its Word Power and Life. The New Golgotha

The Spiritual Science has provided sufficient information about the fact that at the end of 19th century there is a new Golgotha mystery in process but this time in the spiritual world. The markedly intense materialistic deviations of humankind brought about a new crucifixion of the Christ Being. Since 1930 humankind has been getting better and more able to see and experience Christ in Etheric body because a new Christ sacrifice and new Resurrection appeared. Rudolf Steiner predicted that at around the middle of the fourth decade humankind will face the Beast coming from the infernal abyss.

There is absolutely clear information directly linked with the life of the Master Peter Deunov about a sublime mystery of 1936 and directly linked with the New Sacrifice of the Christ Being in etheric condition and His Second Appearance. It seems a sort of projection of the New Golgotha is running, pointed at the 20th century Bodhisattva because he is in a constant contemplative relation with the Spirit of Christ. Once again, the events unambiguously prove the supreme clairvoyance of Rudolf Steiner. Reminiscent Essenian traditions

It is known from the information provided by Rudolf Steiner that the Master appearing through Jeshu ben Pandira was one of the leaders of the Essenian brothers, the therapist brothers. They aspired to purification of the soul, of the body and of the blood through a number of spiritual practices out of which they refrained from eating meat and drinking alcohol. In this way they not only maintained their personal spiritual hygiene but mastered the healing art of perfection. Rudolf Steiner emphasized that the new appearance of this Master would bring a renovated Essenism directed to the particular manifestation of the Etheric Christ99. It is only natural to suppose that certain typical features of Essenian teaching will be radiating again in the activities of the 20th century Bodhisattva. And indeed this is truly so: The Master Peter Deunov was known as a healer; he miraculously healed thousands of people. Several cases were described which were interpreted as resurrection by his followers but this was not overtly spread or advertised because he underlined that this would have led to a potential displacement or interruption of his mission. This is corroborated by Rudolf Steiner asserting that the Bodhisattva will not proclaim himself.100

Another not less significant sign is one of the spiritual traditions applied naturally by the Brotherhood of Light in Bulgaria. Under the fluent guidance of the Master Peter Deunov ideological vegetarianism is practiced; out of love and compassion for our smaller brothers, the animals; food obtained as a result of murdering is not eaten. Apart from this approach to eating and along with abstinence from drinking alcohol many other methods for the purification of the blood and body are applied. These are not any special ritualistic forms aiming at the salvation of small groups of people but rather a broad spectrum of methods for conscious purification and salvation of all people and together with them the entire animal kingdom. The ‘good habits’

Rudolf Steiner makes it clear that contemporary humankind undergoes a sort of initiation with the semi-conscious or fully conscious mastering of the functions of the astral body, i.e. humankind makes efforts to obtain the Spirit-Self principle. However, only the Disciple of the Esoteric-Christian School makes conscientious efforts to acquire the habits, customs, and the second nature of the human being, the so-called character. The conscious harmonization of character and habits is actually conscious harmonization and mastering of the etheric body, which leads to the development of the second principle of the Spirit within us, the Life-Spirit. It turned out, exactly as predicted by Rudolf Steiner, that 20th century Bodhisattva, the Master Peter Deunov, emphasized precisely on this aspect in the Esoteric School that he founded. Some of the primary objectives, set before the disciples of the White Brotherhood, are aimed at the conscious mastering of all those functions of the second nature (the approach to thinking, feeling, action; processes in the consciousness related with eating, breathing, sleeping and so on) completely permeated by the Spirit of Christ. Important tasks were assigned to develop good habits, a noble and balanced character fulfilled with Christ virtues.

The entire Teaching of the Bodhisattva of the Good, the overall methodology of the Master Beinsa Douno, cultivate to the fruitful transformation, taking place in the Disciple’s Soul, of the Wisdom of the Eight-level Path (righteous thinking, righteous reflection, righteous word, righteous deeds…) into an overwhelming and abundant power of Love through the drops of the Blood of Christ in the Holy Chalice. If a hundred years before the Common Era the Bodhisattva preached and worked for the physical appearance of Christ, now he preaches and works with particular methodology for the Etheric Appearance of Christ into the soul, character and daily life of the Disciple of the Esoteric-Christian School. When the Disciples consciously master their Etheric body, they actually prepare for the point of contact and contemplation of the Second Appearance of Christ in an etheric form. If the Bodhisattva, through Jeshu ben Pandira worked in the past for the physically manifested Body and Blood of Christ, now the Master Beinsa Douno teaches us through intimate Grail-like mysteries how Christ Power and Life can become our flesh and blood. Because after approximately 3,000 years, Maitreya Buddha will seek the people who live according to the following persuasion: It is not only my head that understands the Wisdom of the Eight-level path, I possess not only the Teaching and Wisdom of Love but my heart is also filled with the living substance of overwhelming Love streaming into the whole world.101 If Gautama Buddha brought the Teaching of Love and Compassion, the Master Beinsa Douno comes to give us the Teaching about the practical life in the Love of Christ:

In my mind, I carry the idea of the good of the entire humankind. I think not only about the good of the entire humankind but also about the good of animals and plants. I wish to all beings to live in Love and to acquire Virtues. I know that God lives in every soul and I want not a single wrong thought to remain in their consciousness. I came to teach people how to live in Love.102 The musical experience

The sacred aim for which Master Beinsa Douno works is achievable by applying various Esoteric-Christian methods but one of the most important among them is the musical approach of the Master Peter Deunov. There is no other spiritual Master in 20th century that has such rich musical activity and work in his manifestation. He endowed to humankind about one hundred musical pieces, which he humbly called occult musical exercises. This is not a coincidence but it is an important detail of the contemporary active work of the White Lodge. The ‘I’ of the humankind, Christ through His Holy organs of Wisdom: the twelve Bodhisattvas, works most intensively for the formation of the Consciousness Soul within the human being. As we know from Rudolf Steiner, the soul develops predominantly from the occult power of music. Bodhisattva Apollo manifested through Orpheus in the region of Thracia on the Balkan peninsular, worked through this method. He irradiated the people by his music in order to develop the intellectual-logical aspect of their souls. Almost 3,500 years after the manifestation of the individual mission of Bodhisattva Apollo, a new impulse appeared again on the Balkan peninsular, radiated by the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge and again through the musical approach. This time Bodhisattva Maitreya works through his original musical pieces for violin and songs, already manifested in one Esoteric-Christian School. And if the activity of Bodhisattva Apollo was directed methodologically mainly toward the Intellectual Soul in order to prepare the daily-awakened thinking capacities of the humankind, so that it can receive properly the impulse of the forthcoming physical manifestation of the Christ Spirit, while the work of Bodhisattva Maitreya, manifested through Peter Deunov during the first half of 20th century is again musically-methodologically focused but this time toward the Consciousness Soul. The new aim is the particular realization of the Etheric Appearance of Christ in the microcosm of the human being. The new path of the Slavs

It is known from the sources of the Spiritual Science that Bodhisattva Maitreya will fulfill his mission and will become Buddha Maitreya in the culmination of the Sixth, Slavic, cultural epoch. This is an indirect indication and it allows us to discover the impulse of the 20th century Bodhisattva in a Slavic country of rich esoteric culture. Moreover, according the words of the Bodhisattva, his mission is related to the new path of the Slavs and to the coming of the Sixth Race. All of this provides grounds to believe that the specific characteristics of the Slavs and of the Sixth race can be reliable points for a more profound understanding of the activity of the 20th century Bodhisattva.

According to Rudolf Steiner the East Europeans and particularly the Slavs continue to have opportunities for receiving the etheric-sensory impulses of the living intelligent nature and this makes them rather different from the people of a western type. The Slavs are so to say behind the time, underdeveloped103 in descending into matter and can still contemplate the Living God in Nature. It is our opinion that the 20th century Bodhisattva makes use of this particular underdevelopment as a supporting point for the speeding up of the Slavic organism of the Bulgarian people for the sake of the Etheric Appearance of Christ. This so to say musical method104, completely different from the conventional meaning, finds its practical and applicable forms in the activity of the Master Peter Deunov related with the regular Brotherhood Assembly (continuing for many years) and excursions fulfilled with spiritual ideas in the picturesque nature of Bulgaria. The Brotherhood was taught to contemplate the activities of the Living Intelligent Nature, entirely through the extraordinarily powerful presence of the Master Beinsa Douno, to work in cooperation and assistance with Nature. Thus the etheric bodies of the Slavs are being prepared in a way related to Nature for the occurrence of the Etheric Appearance of Christ.

The Western Esoteric Disciple lives and perceives the spiritual knowledge in a predominantly urbanized environment where it is rather difficult to go out in Living Nature and look for the Wisdom of the Initiated. Quite the opposite, the Eastern Esoteric Disciple experiences Christ School annually in the mystic environment of the Seven Rila Lakes, which impressively visualize and symbolize the seven-tier structures of Existence and the human being. On the one hand this approach of the Master Peter Deunov contributes to the evolution of the Etheric body but on the other hand, through the powers of the latter, brings about the development of a new type of consciousness: the Collective Consciousness of the brothers and sisters in Christ. Through the methodology of living in brotherly communities, souls can try and apply the life of the first Christians, inspired by the Power and Life of Christ. Thus they are preparing to become the embryo of the Sixth Root Race and also as living conscious cells form the body and the soul organism of the Etheric Christ. The human being: Disciple

If the mission of Gautama Buddha did not include the development of the entire Consciousness Soul, but only a part of it, the Ethics of Love and Compassion105, then the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno is mainly a teaching about the Path of a new type of a human being, a human being living with the clear conscious idea that one is studying at the Great School of Life. This is a human being Disciple. This term denotes nothing else but an esoteric analogy or synonym of the concept of the Consciousness Soul.

Being aware of this parallel we can realize another fact from the activity of 20th century Bodhisattva: any unbiased researcher of the Teaching of the Master Peter Deunov can say that there is no other known Master who had spoken in so much detail and so consistently, so grandly and comprehensively on the Principle of Divine Love. At the same time the Master Beinsa Douno points out that the thousands of lectures and talks delivered on this issue are merely an introduction to the Great Divine Science of Love. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that Christ is the Principle of Love, and understanding Love, we shall understand the present and eternal activity of the Spirit of Christ. However, on the other hand, particularly today in the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul, one macrocosmic impulse is manifested, coming from the Brothers of Love, the Seraphims. Apart from being the supremest principle in the Angelic Hierarchies, they simultaneously also come to be a macrocosmic principle of the Consciousness Soul in the soul-cosmic organism106 of the Heavenly Christ: the Great Cosmic Human being.

Precisely with the purpose to be in resonance with the Beings of the Universal Love, who organize the social life of the solar systems in our Galaxy, the Herald of the Holy Spirit assists in the dawning and spreading of a New Epoch, the Epoch of the conscious Disciple of Divine Love, the Epoch of the Consciousness Soul. This, in its essence, is the very microcosmic core of the Second Appearance of the Christ Being. And right here we would like to offer a new point of view*. It is known that the Bodhisattvas are deeply related internally with the Hierarchies of Archangels and Mights107. On the other hand it is known that Bodhisattva Maitreya’s Mission begins from the epoch of the Intellectual Soul, finishes in the epoch of the prophetic development of the Spirit-Self, while in the present, it runs in the epoch of the Consciousness Soul. For that reason a connection can be made that the 20th century Bodhisattva’s Mission will embrace and bear the Loving Seraphim Flame of the Cosmic ‘I’: Christ108.

The Intelligent Nature implanted a number of keys of Wisdom in the very structure of the human being. For example if an observer is supposed to distinguish three-dimensional objects, in distances and depths, the observer needs a binocular sight, i.e. simultaneous and synchronized observation from two different points of view. Applying this particular method in our spiritual-scientific research about the mission of the 20th century Bodhisattva, we can understand the volume and in-depth key details in the present spiritual conditions. Only by synchronizing the Michael points of view of the two impulses of contemporary Esoteric Christianity can we actually touch upon the Second Appearance of the Christ Being.

One of the most important additional ideas obtained as a result of this method is that Bodhisattva Maitreya’s activity will not be directed only to preaching about the new appearance of Christ but along with this it also will be a methodology for the realization of the Second Appearance in the ‘I’-space of the Disciple, particularly in the conditions of a brotherly collective life. There is something more to it: the profoundly realized, from a spiritual-scientific point of view, practical work with the methodology of 20th century Bodhisattva is nothing else but the exact occurrence of the Etheric Appearance of Christ, the very Esoteric-Christian initiation of the New Epoch. Therefore, like sailors who determine their accurate position in space and time by three bright stars, we shall try to accurately and clearly present evidence of the substantial place of the Teaching and Methodology of the Master Beinsa Douno in the world spiritual culture through three methods radiating Christ Light, given by 20th century Bodhisattva: The Pentagram, The Testament of the Color Rays of Light, The Paneurhythmy. The Pentagram

The Pentagram is the symbol of the Teaching of the Master Peter Deunov. It is formed by five rays, upon the five Divine principles of: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue; and a circle, encompassing the rays with a mystic formula in fulfilling God’s Will is the power of the human soul is written upon this circle. The imagination represented in the pentagram with a tip pointing upwards, was first given as black and white graphics in 1910 (note that this is also the beginning of the period, according to Sergei Prokfieff, of the strongest spiritual influence of Bodhisattva Maitreya upon Rudolf Steiner by way of inspiration), and later on as exceptionally pictorial painting in the year when the Esoteric School of Christ opened on the Earth in 1922. The Pentagram contains also additionally enriched symbols, which can be generalized as representing the Path of the Disciple in the Esoteric School of Christ. This imagination symbolizing the core of the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno is actually one of the most powerful signs that he is the 20th century Bodhisattva. We shall render in brief only some of our considerations related with this issue:

(i) The Christianized tradition of Jewish Kabala, related directly with the Essenian Brotherhood, spells and records the name of Jeshu (הושהי), as a derivative of the four-letter Name of God (הוהי), in the form of the Pentagram. The one who appeared through Jeshu ben Pandira and who served Jeshu from Nazareth appeared in 20th century too and selected the Pentagram as a sign of his renewed Teaching.

(ii) The Pentagram is a sign of the manifestation of the Archangel Hierarchy because the sign of the Pentagram is written in the cosmic sphere of Venus (up to where the Archangels appear) generated by the very movement of Venus correlated with the movement of the Earth, the Sun and the fixed stars. We know that any Bodhisattva is intimately related with the activities of the Archangels; it is natural for 20th century Bodhisattva to symbolize this cosmic and hierarchical correlation in the Pentagram: the symbol-imagination given by him.

(iii) The Bodhisattva appearing in 20th century, serving the Etheric Appearance of Christ, places the Pentagram as a Mystic Sign-Path before the Conscious Disciple’s soul because the Pentagram with its five rays actually symbolizes the fifth present sacrifice of Christ through Natan’s Soul in the name of humankind.

(iv) It is known from Anthroposophy, the necessity to form a sort of protective skeleton in the etheric body of the Disciple, so that Disciple can be protected by the Spiritual World from the disharmonic influences of the inferior beings. The skeleton of the etheric body acquires the form of the Pentagram. The 20th century Bodhisattva irradiates the Esoteric School founded by him with powerful imagination in the form of a Pentagram, not only because he wants to defend and protect his followers but also because he wants to stimulate the evolution and development of the Etheric body aimed at preparing the Disciple for the forthcoming Etheric Appearance of Christ.

(v) It is again Anthroposophy that teaches us that the Pentagram is a symbol of the activity of the Third Trinity Principle: the Holy Spirit. The 20th century Bodhisattva is a Herald of the Holy Spirit on the Earth and this is why he has the right to express his New Appearance through the Pentagram.

We can draw the conclusion that the Herald of the Bodhisattva’s Lodge in 20th century: the Master Beinsa Douno renewed the form of the pentagram and transformed it into a main method of his contemporary Esoterically Christian School. The Testament of the Color Rays of Light

The Testament of the Color Rays of Light is the method which Master Beinsa Douno received personally by Christ when he underwent a critical experience109. Master Beinsa Douno reached a new level of initiation in Christ and in 1912 he gave to humankind a universal method for enhancing the soul and the etheric body with virtues. This method works through reflection and meditation upon specially selected texts from the Book of our Lord, the Bible by the principle of light-and-color selection. The Word of God written down through the centuries in the Judean-Christian sacred book has its own spectral code. Exactly the Bodhisattva who specifically wrote the book which later penetrated notionally the Gospel of Mathew110 is working now for the realization of the shining in spiritual glowing Light Etheric Appearance. He revеаlеs to us how through the tints of the rainbow (the external etheric forms) and through the virtues of the soul (the internal etheric contents and flows of powers), are manifested the Supreme Creators of Light: the Spirits of Fire and Light.111 The Master Beinsa Douno teaches us that the different types of external light are only the garments of spiritual principles, Beings as the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Eternity, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Power, etc. Virtues stream out of them indispensable for the Disciple following the steps of the Resurrected Lord. The Master Beinsa Douno emanating this new Christ method, said in 1912 (during the period when, the spiritual influence of Bodhisattva Maitreya through inspiration upon Rudolf Steiner was at its strongest, according to Sergei Prokofieff)112 the following:

I want to form a strong wave of the seven colors because Christ is near the physical field. And he is present this year at the Assembly. All of these verses [The Testament of the Color Rays of Light] are taken out under His guidance, therefore always, when you use them, God will help you… Christ has never attended the way He attended this year113

It turns out that the keys given by Rudolf Steiner allow us to recognize this particular methodological activity of the Master Beinsa Douno as a manifestation of Bodhisattva Maitreya. The founder of the Anthroposophic movement describes in great detail how the Archangels, these Sons of Fire, acquire their human stage of development on the Ancient Sun through the emanation and manifestation of Light114. It is known that the development of the Bodhisattvas is profoundly and intimately related with the Archangels Hierarchy and the stage of development of the Solar System called the Ancient Sun115. The correspondence of all of the above-mentioned facts allowed us to understand more clearly and in greater detail the mysterious prediction of Rudolf Steiner: Oriental mysticism was able to picture the consequences of that event but not the actual form which it would take. The mind could picture that within 5,000 years after the great Buddha achieved enlightenment, pure akashic forms, bathed in fire, lit by sun, would appear in the wake of One beyond the ken of oriental mysticism. …something would happen to make it possible for the sons of fire and light to move about the earth, not in physical embodiment but as pure akashik forms within the earth’s moral atmosphere. But then, so it was said, in 5,000 years after Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment, the teacher will also be there to make known to men the nature of these wonderful forms of pure fire and light. This teacher – the Maitreya Buddha – will appear 3,000 years after our present era and will be able to teach the Christ impulse. …Even now there proceed from him who later on will be the Maitreya Buddha, the most significant teachings concerning the Christ Being and the sons of the fire – the Agnishvattas – of Indian mysticism.116

As the founder of the Spiritual Science predicted, there is one Bodhisattva who appeared with great moral power in 20th century and who gives a supreme spiritual method to humankind for connection with the Etheric Christ and the Spirits of Fire and Light (the Archangels), a method which is shaped by the sacred Word of God written eternally in the Book of Life as pure akashic forms. It seems that each line, each word, ever pronounced on the Earth by the Holy Spirit finds its place in the Testament of the Color Rays of Light and becomes a sacred aura, sacred suite of that Master who is a Herald of the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas. In other words, the Testament of the Color Rays of Light is one sacred ray from the commencing dawn of that great event which will be spreading ever stronger and stronger and will culminate in its peak might after about three thousand years. Namely this pivotal event will be the preaching of the First Christ Enlightened, teaching humankind in the never-ending Wisdom about how Light becomes Virtue, and Virtue: accomplished Christ Love. The Paneurthythmy

Articulating the word Paneurhythmy we can not miss the direct sonic correlation to the name of the spiritual method of Eurhythmy, given to humanity by Rudolf Steiner. Obviously, it is an esoteric key set by the two Great Initiated. It can be found only if Michael synthesis is made between the two branches of the contemporary Esoteric Christianity: the Eastern one: the teaching of the Great Universal Brotherhood, and the Western one: Anthroposophy.

In order to understand Paneurhythmy, given to us by the Master Beinsa Douno, we have to be familiar with Eurhythmy and to understand it, in other words, to know what the eurhythmic method is. On the other hand if we want to understand how eurhythmic principles develop in an entire etheric architecture, we have to examine Paneurhythmy as a unique phenomenon in the contemporary European Christian culture.

The authors of this study wish that every reader motivated in good faith to have the chance to climb the ancient mountain of Rila on the Balkan peninsular on 19 August and on eagle’s wings to fly over the seven mountain chakras, called the Seven Rila Lakes, and more specifically: over the spacious field at the Fifth Lake, known by the mystic Vatan117 name of Mahabur. Exactly on this date every sincere follower of contemporary Esoteric Christianity can con­template and participate at the same time in the grand spiritual phenomenon taking place at over 2,000 m altitude: about a thousand people coming from all over the planet, against the background of mystic music and songs, form beautiful geometrical figures and in this way they build, through their dances, the body of a living etheric temple, created by the 20th cen­tury Bodhisattva. Under the fla­mes of the Michael synthesis and consciously led by the Spirit of Pan­eu­rhythmy, let us for a moment enter together the space under the arches of this sanctuary built by thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ and let us try to contemplate together the meaning and content of its wonderful forms.118

Paneurhythmy, this contemporary Esoteric-Christian methodology gradu­ally unfolds in three stages and was born during the period 1930-1942. The 20th century Bodhisattva gave it to humankind through one Eastern European Slavic people in an epochal moment from the planetary evolution: at the beginning of the period of the super-sensitive manifestation of the Redeemer. As Rudolf Steiner himself pointed out, the true brotherhoods develop themselves under the conditions of the East, and it is known from Anthroposophy that the Self-Spirit will dawn precisely from the Slavic people of Eastern Europe in the Sixth cultural epoch. In other words, Paneurhythmy can be contemplated as one concrete manifestation of the nascent new Aquarian culture: a collective super-conscious culture. It is exclusively practiced collectively unlike Eurhythmy, which is mainly an individual method (it can, of course, be performed in a group as well). This is why Paneurhythmy as a collective method is particularly directed to the etheric body, and in a way different from Eurhythmy. Undoubtedly, both methods have as a purpose to prepare and ennoble the etheric body, so that it can be suitable for the new manifestation of the Christ Spirit in etheric forms in the supreme areas of the astral world.

On the one hand, Paneurhythmy has a direct relevance for the new level of consciousness, which gradually and ever stronger awakens in humankind: the daily-awakened collective consciousness, which will develop in the future Slavic epoch. This is evidenced by the fact that the correct performance of Paneurhythmy requires not only a good deal of self-control but also a complete unity and harmony within the entire group of Conscious Souls performing this dynamic method of contemporary Esoteric Christianity. On the other hand, Paneurhythmy should be viewed as one of the first rays of dawn called the Etheric Appearance of Christ, not only because it started appearing precisely during the exceptionally significant period for humankind, described by Rudolf Steiner, but also because in this method one can see the characteristics typical for a new type of collective consciousness, permeated by the Christ Spirit. We shall quote a small part of the beautiful lyrics in Exercise 23 of the first part of Paneurhythmy in an attempt to offer clear evidence to this point:

Every beautiful divine day I breathe Joy and Life. A smile comes onto my face That loved by the Lord I am. With Love does the Sun caress my face And the loving voice of Christ Whispers in my heart: ‘Firm and brave you live your Life to be able the world to help. Songs of Joy should you praise the God’s Love – Loving and Holy Father of ours, known to all the souls.’

The very name of this fundamental method of the Eastern Esoteric Christianity supposes that what we witness here is a completely developed, in a remarkable scope, method for eurhythmization. Indeed, Pan-eu-rhythmy is a total-vital-rhythm, aimed at setting in motion and evolution all of the seven spiritual levels in the totality of the human being. As if the graceful geometrical figures, outlined by the motions of the performers, elevate and bless the physical body in a very special way; the power flows, set in motion by the rhythmic group work of thousands of people, synchronized with the work of the larynx and with the motions of the limbs, runs through the etheric body and structures it. The performers work consciously with their imagination by perceiving, building freely and maintaining beautiful images in their consciousness and thus they elevate their astral body. The mystic tender melody harmonizes the mental activity of the human individuality, while the poetic words bring in the Daylight of the Manas-hood-like dawning of our Spirit-Self. Dancing Paneurhythmy, one starts cultivating and endowing mankind’s fruit of one’s virtues from the etheric garden called Life-Spirit. In the end, the total-living-rhythm may assist us here on the physical level, to experience intuitively the cosmic reality of the Christ Being and thus to work in a prophetic way for our transformation into Spirit-humans.

Paneurhythmy is something unusually ancient and simultaneously it is only the beginning of a radically new type of phenomena in human culture that will develop from now on into the distant future. The expert choreographers know that certain areas in the world from ancient times have retained a particular method for preserving the human experience and knowledge: in the entirety of sequential, precisely determined motions, the history of people, for instance, is recorded or a legend about the life of a given Supreme Being. An example of this ancient practice of similar choreographic writing can still be found among the people of the Tahiti Island and in the tradition of the Indian dance.

Rudolf Steiner gave the spiritual-scientific analogies in the form of a motion corresponding to certain phenomena, musical tones, astrological signs, etc. These fabulous eurhythmic motions are freely composed in specific motions, practically unlimited in their combinations, so that they can paint a whole picture of a given poetic or dramaturgic work. On the other hand, Master Peter Deunov, giving Paneurhythmy to humankind, combines precisely determined motions that follow a strict sequential line, musical background and poetic context. This totality of music, songs, poetry, motions and prayers is always performed in the same way not because it is a narrowed phenomenon but because it represents a whole esoteric text, a whole etheric architecture having a strictly defined geometry, structure and meaning. What would it happen if some of the pillars in the Cathedral in Chartres change places or if they are made of another not as strong and stable material? Centuries have elapsed since the construction of this temple but it has always been one and the same for dozens of generations of people who have seen it and who have entered it. By analogy it can be said that Paneurhythmy is an etheric temple, built by living collectively-conscious people. This temple is in fact a whole organism of a strictly determined structure, sustainable in time, and has a physiology formed by motions permeated by the eurhythmic principle. Paneurhythmy is literally an esoteric book given by the Bodhisattva Maitreya appearing in 20th century. It is written not on paper and not in ink but it is being continually written in the organism of the planet through the etheric flows of the collective brotherly life in Christ. For only several decades this living temple, living book, spread in many countries in the world and performed by thousands of people, yet it is only today that we start to examine its meaning, contents and form from a spiritual-scientific point of view.

Remarkable and also Michael majestic is the fact that precisely Rudolf Steiner gave us the keys which, if applied consciously by a spiritual-scientific researcher, can allow us to read this sacred book called Paneurhythmy. We shall dwell briefly on some of the results from this reading.

(i) In the first part of Paneurhythmy, in the so-called twenty-eight exercises, the occult history of our planet is literally written by splendid harmonic motions: from the first sub-period of the Polar Epoch to the last stage of the Atlantis Epoch. In the Second part, titled Sun Rays, an occult point of view is set to the seven cultural epochs of the present epoch, and in the Third part, The Pentagram, the glory and grandness of the Sixth Grand epoch is demonstrated, an epoch of active work for the manifestation of the Christ virtues. This is the so-called Time Key to Paneurhythmy.

(ii) If another esoteric key is applied, explained in detail by Rudolf Steiner, the so-called Spatial Key, the three parts of Paneurhythmy can be contemplated in the three spatial areas in the Cosmos from a geocentric point of view. The first part with its twenty-eight exercises gives a description of the smooth expanding transition of the human soul after death: from the Earth-Moon sphere to the Saturn sphere, whereas one has to take into consideration that each of these spheres has its own physical, etheric, astral and mental plans. The encounter of the ever expanding soul in the cosmic space with the twelve springs of the Christ macrocosmic wisdom, i.e. with the twelve Cherubims surrounding our Solar System, can be gloriously experienced in the Second part of Paneurhythmy: The Sun Rays. While the entering of the soul into the infinite starry space of our galaxy: Milky Way, can be experienced in the Third part of the Paneurhythmy: Pentagram. If at this moment Paneurhythmy is observed from above, one can see motions which almost literally resemble the spiral motions of the arms of our galaxy and the motions generated by the social life of the star systems with their own, local, Angel hierarchies. In practice the spiritual seeker dancing Paneurhythmy consciously initiates within oneself through this particular meaningful key a sort of cosmic expansion of the consciousness. Thus the soul acquires a useful preparation for the processes taking place after death, processes described in detail in the works of Rudolf Steiner. This is why Paneurhythmy can be called a social-cosmogonic phenomenon, spreading under the conditions of contemporary Esoteric Christianity.

(iii) Paneurhythmy can be contemplated not only from a macrocosmic point of view. It can be approached from a microcosmic point of view too, even from a physiological point of view. Through the three parts of Paneurhythmy the three structural levels in the human being can be contemplated: the willful area of the limbs, the rhythmic area, and the head. If one uses the occult descriptions of Rudolf Steiner about the formation processes of the spinal cord and of the main brain, one could reach the reality and fact that the First part of the Paneurhythmy with its twenty-eight exercises is directly linked with the twenty-eight (plus three) pairs, described by him, of nervous paths going out of the spinal cord119. In the twelve rays of the Second part of Paneurhythmy one can contemplate the twelve pairs of the nerve paths of the skull-brain nervous system. Just like the whole organism of the human body is used by the ‘I’ of the person to manifest the multitude of virtues of one’s soul, similarly after the first two so-called physiological parts of the Paneurhythmy, follows the third part of the Pentagram. It demonstrates the total impact of the five etheric power flows revealed like five principles: Truth, Justice, Love, Wisdom and Virtue. Therefore, it can be said that spiritual scientists can enter the sacred mysteries of their physiological microcosm through Paneurhythmy. Moreover, through Paneurhythmy one can reach an intimate experience of the cosmo-physiological structure of the Great Cosmic Human Being: Christ.

(iv) If one is profoundly and systematically familiar with the descriptions given in a number of cases in Rudolf Steiner’s lectures about the spiritual worlds (especially in the Theosophy book), one will be able to outline another meaningful key in one’s consciousness: a key revealing the structure of Existence. Anthroposophy teaches us that apart from the Physical plane, there is also an Astral plane which Rudolf Steiner calls the World of the souls; apart from it, there is a World of the spirits and even a more supreme one: the World of Providence, which also is known by the name of Budhi Plane. The Physical world has a seven-layer structure (earth, water and air elements, thermal, and light, chemical and vital ether). The Sphere of the souls, or the Astral world also has seven sub-layers, while the Spirit World is divided into two planes: Lower and Upper Devakhan, but as a whole also has seven sub-levels. The same is true about the World of Providence: it also has its own seven sub-levels and apart from being called the Plane of Providence, it can be contemplated also as the Kingdom of Bodhisattvas, where these twelve Great Masters of Wisdom in their unique individuality become humble disciples of the Christ Spirit descending from the infinite heights of the Macrocosm120.

We can experience exactly this grand picture of Existence, described by Rudolf Steiner, by dancing and reading of the Sacred Book called Paneurhythmy. All the twenty-eight steps to the Kingdom of Bodhisattvas, the same twenty-eight steps (4 × 7) walked by each Bodhisattva descending onto the Earth Plan to serve the ‘I’ of the Macrocosm: Christ, can be contemplated through an active dynamic meditation upon the twenty-eight exercises in the first part of the Paneurhythmy. The sacred Kingdom of the twelve Bodhisattvas, this zodiac of Wisdom, can be experienced through the twelve rays in the second part of Paneurhythmy, called Sun Rays, absolutely clearly awakened, on the one hand, and super-conscious-cosmically on the other. Spiritual-scientific researchers can touch upon the very center where Christ’s Truth, Justice, Love, Wisdom and Virtue spring, if they dance the third part of Paneurhythmy: Pentagram.

Many other things can be said about Paneurhythmy but the most substantial, the very experiencing of Paneurhythmy as a reality, can be achieved only in a direct contact with it. Paneurhythmy, this monumental initiating temple of the Etheric Appearance of Christ, built by Bodhisattva Maitreya in a remarkable way, awaits, with doors widely open, the souls of the brave, inquisitive and sincere seekers among the humans belonging to Michael-hood.

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