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Precisely after these influential spiritual conditions74, where the impulses of the Great Masters of humankind worked, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Buddha, Manes, a strong Esoterically Christian teaching appeared in Bulgaria in 20th century, established by the Master Peter Deunov. It was called, as was already mentioned, The Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood and has the Spirit of Christ as its Head, who guides a ten-level spiritual organism, from the Advanced human souls to the Brothers of Love, the Seraphim. This Teaching, based on Christianity, renewed by the principles of Karma and Reincarnation, spread on a large scale across the entire territory of Bulgaria for several decades. Peter Deunov (1864-1944) was born near the Black Sea, the city of Varna where the beginning of the White Brotherhood Synarchic Chain started. At the heart of Bulgaria, an annual Brotherhood Assembly was held in the medieval capital of Veliko Tarnovo. A Brotherhood community of hundreds of followers, called Izgrev (meaning Sunrise), was set up in the only capital in Europe bearing the sacred name of Sophia. From 1914 onwards several hundreds of Sunday lectures on the esoteric understanding of the mission of Christ, referring to the Gospels, were held in Sofia. These lectures constitute the series of books titled Power and Life75. The first Christian Esoteric School in Europe worked from 1922 to 1944, having two classes (Youth Class and General Class) each of which has 23 annual grades. Unique methodology is applied on the basis of the spiritual traditions of Esoteric Christianity: mystic work with the Word; meeting the Sunrise; practicing physical exercises permeated with spiritual meaning; contemplating of the mystic imaginary picture in the form of a Pentagram visualizing the steps on the Path of the Disciple; singing of spiritual songs and regular work with mystic music; intensive work through the method of praying; reflection and meditation upon specially selected texts from the Bible, based on a color principle, The Method of the Testament of the Color Rays of Light; practicing vegetarianism and fruit eating; fasting devoted to aspirations based on ideas; practicing the mystery of the common brotherly meals; daily education in brotherly assistance and love to everything living. Some of the most impressive methods applied by the Master Peter Deunov are the Brotherhood Assemblies, triggered by an idea excursions and outings to places of over 2,000 m altitude, through which sacred Love to the Living Intelligent Nature was fostered, which is an expression of the creative work of the Angelic Hierarchies. The culmination of the pure brotherly life of the thousands of followers of the Teaching is the experience of the presence of Christ through a live cosmogony in the form of etheric synthesis of music, lyrics, mystic dance, visualized meditation and prayer, a synthesis called Paneurhythmy. Master Peter Deunov stands out as an exceptionally good therapist, thousands of Bulgarians were healed through spiritual, natural and non-traditional methods. As a sacred testament to humankind, the Master Peter Deunov left over four thousand lectures published in over three hundred volumes and several dozens of musical works. Until present day, he is the most published author in Bulgaria. In 2006, he was listed in the top ten most popular Bulgarians in a national research of the Bulgarian National TV. It is only natural that this tremendous activity of the Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) had tens of thousands of followers all over Bulgaria and later on, dozens of spiritual centers worldwide. In other words, it is time to draw the conclusion of everything commented upon so far.

During the time of Rudolf Steiner and for two decades afterwards in one Eastern European Slavic country a powerful Esoterically Christian Teaching appeared, developed, by one Prophet, Healer, Musician and above all Master in Christ Power and Life: the Master Peter Deunov. Indeed, during the first half of 20th century there were two active true Esoterically Christian Schools in Europe: the Anthroposophy developed by Rudolf Steiner and the Teaching of the Universal Brotherhood of Light, given by the Master Peter Deunov. Rudolf Steiner said: Now in 20th century, from this Bodhisattva come the most substantial teachings about the Christ Being and about the Sons of Fire… Bodhisattva Maitreya is incorporated now as well and will be the true Preacher of Christ in an etheric raiment.76 As if to make Rudolf Steiner’s word true, that there will come time…, when the name of this Bodhisattva will be pronounced, who will raise to Maitreya Buddha77 almost a hundred years after the events subject of the study, we shall be able to formulate the main thesis of our study:

THESIS: Our concrete conclusion is that when Rudolf Steiner spoke about the appearance of Bodhisattva Maitreya in the 20th century, he must have had in mind the spiritual leader working in Bulgaria, known under the spiritual name of Beinsa Douno, called the Master by his disciples, and appearing in the highly developed personality of Peter Deunov. Attitude to Christ

Provided we have indeed arrived, as a result of applying logics and reasoning, to this new thesis about the specific historic appearance of Bodhisattva Maitreya in the 20th century by following relatively indirect roads, we shall now attempt to briefly verify whether the main spiritual-scientific theses given by Rudolf Steiner, in way of basic theorems, correspond adequately to the Word of the Master Peter Deunov and to some of the well-known facts and events of his life.

1. What is the attitude of the Master Peter Deunov to Christ? In order to provide a comprehensive answer to this question it will be necessary to quote and summarize thousands of lectures and speeches because the Master Peter Deunov spoke mainly about Divine Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue, stemming from the Christ Being. It is not possible to quote vastly within the limits of this writing but nonetheless, we shall dwell on several excerpts of the Word attempting to introduce some of the basic ideas of the eastern branch of Esoteric Christianity spreading around through the activities of the Master Beinsa Douno:

What is Christ? – Christ is a collective spirit. It is a sum of all the Sons of God, whose souls and hearts gush of Love and Life. All the Sons of God joined together, all the intelligent souls, living in Divine unity, this is Christ. In this respect, he is the Head of the Great Universal Brotherhood. … And when we talk about the Great Universal Brotherhood we understand this hierarchy of Intelligent Beings, who have completed their evolution millions and billions of years before the people and who now guide the entire Cosmos. According to the level of knowledge and development and according to the function they perform, these Beings are placed in a hierarchical ladder…: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Mights, Powers, Archai, Archangels, Angels and advanced human souls… All taken together represent the Great Cosmic Human Being.78

Christ is one divine cosmic being. A Divine Being which comes from the Central Sun of the Universe, around which our Sun spins and completes one round for twenty million of years.79 Christ comes from this Sun of the Universe. Christ is the greatest being.80

There is neither in the Cosmos – outside, nor in the mystic depths of the soul – inside, greater manifestation of Love than that we identify with Christ. …Today people divide Christ into ‘historic’, ‘cosmic’, ‘mystic’, etc. But Christ per se is One and Undividable. There is only one Christ – the Living Christ, who is a manifestation of God, a manifestation of Love. Christ – this is God, Who discloses before the world. … And when I talk about Christ, I consider Him not an abstract principle but a real incorporation of Love.81 The Second Appearance of Christ

2. Whether the Master Peter Deunov spoke in a special unique way about the Second Appearance of Christ on an Astral level in the present epoch, as the 20th century Bodhisattva Maitreya was predicted to do by Rudolf Steiner? We shall render only some of the quotations on this issue:

There is no epoch in human history when Christ worked like this. Now, Christ works most of all. Several centuries ago Christ was above, in the highest worlds but now He has descended lower, in the Astral and Etheric worlds, closer to the material world. Two great events will take place: first, the Spirit of Christ will start impersonating in the human beings; certainly, it will start with the advanced souls. When you experience a fine, unselfish feeling, you experience compassion, love, mercy and this indicates that the Spirit of Christ has dawned on you and starts working within. Apostle Paul says too, ‘it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.’82

Christ will come, this is beyond doubt; and he will come soon… The Second Appearance of Christ should not be understood to mean the end of the world but the Second coming of Christ.83 Christ is close to the physical level and he is present this year. … Christ is before us and among us, so I want you to open your hearts before Him. Entrust your soul to God and he will give you as nobody else can give you. Throughout each year, we have to use the Name of God as Power and he will be our sentinel. …Christ is coming to reconcile humankind with the White Brotherhood of Light, the Brotherhood of Lights.84

I want you, above all, to have internal peace because we, during the present times, witness one great event, which occurred on the Earth and which has been expected for thousands of years. Wise people, the prophets, spoke about it in Ancient times; contemporary clairvoyants also speak about it, you have been expecting it, too. All have spoken about the coming of Christ and I shall not describe it to you because you will see it for yourselves… You should not fear. Fear will divert your attention in the opposite direction, while Christ, whom you address, carries with Him Divine Justice, Divine Love, Wisdom, Truth, which will enlighten the world and will impose order in it… During the epoch starting now, Christ will assign you a place to serve Him and you will be pleased to do the work he would assign to you… The war, taking place now, is a war between the light and the dark sides of the Astral world. This battle is going on in the dark side. And when you approach the borderline, you will see Christ. …Christ is now descending to us from the Divine world… You still want to see Christ but many of you have already seen Him, at that have seen Him many times but they have almost always said, ‘This may not be Him, this may be someone else.’ … Christ is here and I would like you to keep your eyes open.85 Is there a second physical appearance of Christ?

3. Rudolf Steiner says it plainly, that Bodhisattva Maitreya shall not preach about a new physical appearance of Christ, this being one of the most significant features by which we shall be able to recognize the 20th century Bodhisattva. Does Master Beinsa Douno preach about a second physical incorporation of Christ or not? The Master Peter Deunov firmly denies any second physical incorporation of Christ. We shall render one of the many eloquent quotations on the issue:

Christ works in the world but people do not see him. They want to see Him as a human being, to touch Him, to physically sense Him. If He fills the hearts of the people with beautiful and elevated feelings, what else could you want? You want to caress Him, to kiss Him, to carry Him in your hands? This is not an idea. What can the child gain if you carry it in your hands all day long? The people who expect Christ to be born again as a young child are people with a wrong outlook. Christ was born and keeps being born in the hearts and souls of people. Nowadays, Christ cannot be born by a woman. If you expect the coming of the Redeemer open your souls, He will be born there. Moreover, Christ is being born simultaneously in many people. When Christ is born in your soul, you will be useful both to yourself and to the people around you. This is Resurrection. This is the awakening of the human soul. When Christ lives in the people’s souls, everybody will become alive, will rise and join hands like brothers.86 The ‘Age key’

4. It is known from the information presented by Rudolf Steiner that the appearance of Bodhisattva Maitreya shall not be known before the particular physical human-bearer reaches the age of 30-33. Did Peter Deunov manifest his social mission widely before the age of 30-33 or not? Is there any information on impersonation, incorporation or a radical transformation of the consciousness of the human being called Peter Deunov? Did Peter Deunov have a physically defined spiritual Master transferring to him along the certain spiritual chain Master-Disciple or on the contrary he spreads his activity absolutely on his own?

The issue concerning the transformation of the human being called Peter Deunov into the Master Beinsa Douno is one of the fundamental issues in the spiritual tradition of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria because this question characterizes the very base of this Teaching and simultaneously is the key to the evolution of the human soul, a key to self-sacrifice, immense humility and ineffable Love. Any serious researcher of Esotericism in Bulgaria knows that a mystic sacrifice occurred in the consciousness of Peter Deunov when he was about 33 years old. This transformation of the personality of the progressively thinking son on the Deunovs family (a Bulgarian national revivalist family) took place in several stages, by penetrating and changing his life forever. If until then Peter Deunov sought solitude in order to work intensively upon himself, then after the age of 33, he involves in a large-scale lecturing and spiritual organizational work having as an aim the spreading of a powerful esoteric impulse. Here is the description of Boyan Boev, one of his closest disciples; Boyan Boev attended many conversations of the Master Beinsa Douno with his followers:

The Master received a sister and he told her: ‘I am incorporated and this happened on 19 March 1897. I received a mission from Heaven then. Then I was told that I was a Master to the entire humankind. The mission assigned is related with the new path of the Slavs and with the coming of the Sixth race.’ It must be noted that the incorporation of the Master happened in several stages. The Master told me that when he was fasting and praying and when he climbed a mount in the village of Arbanassi, near the town of Veliko Tarnovo, Christ appeared before him and told him, ‘Surrender your body, your mind and your heart, and work for Me’. The Master responded, ‘God, let Your Will be, I am ready!’ (This happened … in the month of September 1914).87

It is important to pay attention that in 1897 Peter Deunov is already 33 years of age because he was born on 11 July 1864. Apart from this there is a well-established opinion among his followers (with relation to a number of speeches made by the Master Beinsa Douno, and also with innumerable concrete experiences), that the personality of Peter Deunov, his individual flow of life was sacrificed in the name of the Master’s Principle, which was manifested after he reached the age of 33. From this point of view, when talking about Peter Deunov, we mean one advanced human personality which transformed into a Grail sui generis for the Master’s Principle, and when we talk about the Master Peter Deunov or the Master Beinsa Douno, we in fact contemplate the deeds of the Master through the human being of Peter Deunov. And above all, it should be categorically stated that the Master Beinsa Douno is not a conductor of any spiritual tradition according to the standard way of physically manifested teaching along the Master-Disciple chain. The words of Rudolf Steiner describe perfectly well the situation: the Master Beinsa Douno appearing through Peter Deunov relies on the power of his own Word; He will stand on his own feet in the world.88 The personal identification

5. If there are manifestations of rather dangerous and dark tendencies in various pseudo-spiritual teachings, identifying Christ with the anticipated Maitreya, what did the Master Peter Deunov say on this issue? Does he identify himself with Christ? This issue is not only dangerous and dark; it was created by demonic forces which want to undermine completely the activity of the Esoteric Christianity nowadays. The trend to identify Christ with Maitreya is evident among the Theosophic circles and we have already commented this issue. As it was already mentioned the Master Beinsa Douno works specifically towards correcting the delusion of the Theosophic society concerning the appearance of the World Master through Krishnamurti. The Master Peter Deunov sent a special messenger who immediately before the moment of the organized announcement of Krishnamurti as World Master, handed him his letter. Enlightening is the case described in the memoirs of Atanas Dimitrov, a follower of the Master Peter Deunov, who participated in the Youth class of the Esoteric School, and also a regular member of the Bulgarian Theosophic Society, who attended the annual Theosophic meeting in the castle of Erde, the Netherlands in 1929. Before the Congress, he became a friend of Krishnamurti and often told him of the Master Peter Deunov, of his powerful Word and activity of the Spiritual School in Sofia. At the Congress Krishnamurti denied to be the World Master and Christ in the following words: It is not me, who is the World Master, it is not me who is Christ, and Sophronii Nikov, the Head of the Bulgarian Theosophic Society, who also attended the Congress, remembers Krishnamurti also saying The World Master is in Bulgaria.89 It is only natural to put the question what was the attitude of the Master Peter Deunov to the Theosophic Society. In the same memoirs the following situation is described, how the theosophic representatives in Bulgaria see that Peter Deunov, well known in the entire society for his esoteric activity, is ready to become a theosophic worker and member. They invited him personally to join the Theosophic Society and promised an even wider popularity in Bulgaria and in the world. The Master Peter Deunov listened to them carefully and gave them a flat refusal, which shows once again the serious ideological differences between the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood and Theosophy, then led by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. The above described events, nevertheless stated in memoirs, can be considered as one more piece of indirect evidence to our thesis. Actually only two physically manifested spiritual leaders work against the popular delusion in the theosophic circles expressed in the announcement of Krishnamurti as the reincarnated Christ and Maitreya, and these are Rudolf Steiner and Beinsa Douno. The Master Peter Deunov is absolutely clear and firm on the issue about the anticipated physical appearance of Christ by these circles. Together with this he liquidated also the wrong attitude of certain of his followers to him in the following mystic words:

Your attitude to me is an attitude to the White Brotherhood. And your attitude to the White Brotherhood is your attitude to God. You have to follow either Moses or Jesus or me, we are one. Moses’ Teaching is Divine, as is Divine Christ’s Teaching, as is mine. That Christ, Who was in Jesus, is the same Christ Who is in me, the Spirit is one. You have to implement precisely one of these Teachings in its full scope. I would like you to implement the three of them. God’s Blessing will be measured according to the degree of your sincerity… Do not seek for Christ on the physical level. Do not try to find Him in one person because He is in all people. Where Christ is manifested you will see an intense Light. Christ is One and many. Sometimes you say: ‘Is Mr. Deunov Christ or is Christ within him?’ I will tell you that I am not Christ but Christ is in me. If I were Christ, for whom you take me, I would rule the whole world; as long as I am not such a person, I am not Christ either. Christ is not in the physical world.90 If we accept this new thesis about the appearance of the Bodhisattva in 20th century and if we examine at length the above quoted words, we shall ascertain the accuracy of Rudolf Steiner’s words, namely that Bodhisattva Maitreya shall not preach any second physical appearance of Christ. Moreover, the messenger of the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge shall not point at oneself as the newly arrived Christ, and nobody should identify him with a new physical appearance of Christ. The Bodhisattva contemplates the Christ Being directly and is a sacred spring from which Christ Power and Life stream. On the other hand, a person well acquainted with the Anthroposophic ideas, immediately notices the triple attitude in the above quotation: Moses’ Teaching, Christ’s Teaching and the Teaching of Beinsa Douno, which can be interpreted as a specific statement of the Herald of the Holy Spirit on the Earth. Steiner’s attitude to Peter Deunov and vice versa

6. Is there any information about the specific attitude of Rudolf Steiner to the activity of Peter Deunov and what is the attitude of the Master Beinsa Douno to Rudolf Steiner respectively?

It is known from certain statements of Rudolf Steiner that there was a spiritual relation between him and the Bodhisattva of the 20th century. In some memoirs of the closest disciples of the Master Beinsa Douno there are certain additional details. It is an interesting fact to see how Boyan Boev found the Teaching of Beinsa Douno. He is known as the person who was so close to the Master Peter Deunov that he could write down many of the personal conversations with his followers, and apart from this he compiled one of the most significant books about the Teaching (The Master, The Wellspring of Good, Tuning of the Human Soul, etc.) and after the Master left the physical world, took part in the organizational council of the White Brotherhood Society. Boyan Boev was a student in Natural Sciences in Munich, and once he attended a course of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures. In a personal conversation, of which memoirs and short-hand notes have survived, Steiner asked Boev where he came from. To his answer, that he came from Bulgaria, Steiner told him that Bulgaria was a very important country and instructed him to go back and find Peter Deunov. After this fateful conversation Boyan Boev followed the advice and later on became one of the most ardent followers of the Master Beinsa Douno. When this event was told to Pasha Todorova, one of the short-hand taking sisters, working on recording the Word of the Master Peter Deunov, she asked him: You, Master, do you know Rudolf Steiner? The Master responded: ‘Of course, I know him.’ ‘Master, have you seen him here on the Earth? The Master replied: ‘Not here on the Earth; above in Heavens, this is where we know each other from.’ 91

It is quite probable that it is exactly from this conversation of Boyan Boev with Rudolf Steiner that we have the evidence available to the present Executive Council of the General Anthroposophic Society at the Goetheanum, Dornach. At a meeting with anthroposophists from Bulgaria, in 2005, a council member confirmed the existence of evidence, according to which Rudolf Steiner had spoken about Peter Deunov, and that he had to fulfill a mission with the Bulgarian people. This sentence can be interpreted in many ways. Some argue that it is proof that Peter Deunov had a local and national mission and from this point of view it hardly makes sense to study his activities very seriously, even less so to proffer the thesis that Bodhisattva Maitreya was manifested through him. Others see in the statement of Rudolf Steiner an interesting implied meaning and speculate on his proposition that the Master Jesus works in 20th century somewhere in the Balkan Carpathian mountain range.92 This gave rise to specific comments, during Anthroposophic meetings in Bulgaria, to state that Peter Deunov is probably the Master Jesus. In our opinion there is no sense at all to even dwell on the idea of identifying the Master Peter Deunov with the Master Jesus. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that Rudolf Steiner had excellent knowledge in Geography and that there was no way that he could go wrong about the names of people or mountain ranges. The Master Peter Deunov was widely active in the Vitosha Mountain and in the Rila Mountain, which are on the territory of Bulgaria, not in the Romanian mountain ranges known by the name of the Carpathian Mountains.

On the other hand it is rather dangerous to draw underestimated conclu­sions from Rudolf Steiner’s statement about Peter Deunov, on the basis of the locality terminology, in comparison with the conspicuously non-local general European activity of Rudolf Steiner during the first decades of 20th century. On the contrary, Rudolf Steiner’s statement can be interpreted as an indirect guidance sui generis to the Bodhisattva aspect in the appearance of the Master Beinsa Douno. The issue is that a Bodhisattva conducts a strong archangelic impulse and from such a position, before becoming Buddha, he is strongly connected with and it can be said that he serves the Folk Spirit. From this point of view if we assume that precisely the Master Beinsa Douno is the specific historic manifestation of Bodhisattva Maitreya in the 20th century, it is only natural that his mission will be strongly connected with one nation or with an entire group of various nations, and more specifically: the Bulgarian nation and/or with the entire Slavic family of nations. In order to see another hint at a similar nation locality, but with another Bodhisattva, one can study the example given by Rudolf Steiner when describing the mission of the Bodhisattva Apollo through Orpheus. Rudolf Steiner’s words the Bodhisattva corresponding to Greece93 hint at a local influence of the Bodhisattva Apollo upon the Greek nation and culture. Of course, such a locality typical for a Bodhisattva not having completed his mission yet, does not presuppose at all that there are no sublime ideas in the Word of Master Beinsa Douno worthy of serious spiritual-scientific investigation or that in his work and activities there are no Esoterically Christian methods of significance to the humankind. Unarguably, it can be stated that the above-mentioned statement of Rudolf Steiner concerning the mission of Master Beinsa Douno among the Bulgarian people is not only a categorical proof that the founder of the Anthroposophic Society is very knowledgeable, duly informed and exceptionally well-read but it is also a clear sign of that internal bond that exists naturally among all the true Initiated in Christ.

Another even more substantial parallel with respect to the above-mentioned issue concerning the national aspect in the manifestation of Bodhisattva Maitreya in 20th century is the parallel between the activity of Jeshu ben Pandira and the appearance of the Master Beinsa Douno. It is known that Jeshu ben Pandira worked during the period 2-1 century BC within a limited territory in Palestine, establishing a small community of followers: the Essenian Brotherhood, which according to the historians of that time did not number more than 4 000 people.94 Despite the comparatively small number of followers and the limited geographical and cultural territory of impact, he, as it is well known, managed to prepare the physical appearance of Christ-Jesus. It is known, both from Rudolf Steiner and from historic sources that the Essenians had a restricted and almost ascetic life-style, which though organized in communities, was detached from the Greek-Roman culture of that time. Likewise there is a similar aspect with the Teaching of Master Beinsa Douno but already spread among a community of 40 000 people, active predominantly on the territory of Bulgaria. Due to the conditions of modern times, it is no longer so ascetic and removed from the contemporary civilization in Europe. At the same time it should be noted that towards the end of 20th century the Word and methodology of the Master Beinsa Douno are spreading naturally around the world. On the other hand, another key moment, which is worth mentioning, is the fact that the Master Peter Deunov declared clearly that his Teaching will target the new impulse coming from the Divine world and Christ Being, manifested currently through the powerful impulse of Love as a Principle. The Master Beinsa Douno directly states that the times are so intense that he had no conditions to repeat knowledge and concepts already expressed by the Masters of humankind but he will give vent to that Teaching that has never before been expressed. Disciples were assigned the task to investigate on their own and in a group the entire spiritual and esoteric tradition of humankind, taking the following points of departure: (i) the New Divine Teaching based on the Pentagram with the Principles of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue; (ii) the path of the White Brotherhood (the White Lodge) during the centuries and cultural epochs and (iii) most of all, the activity of the Spirit of Christ driving the entire World Evolution. Such an investigation is critically needed because only when the disciples know the language, methods and purposes of the Esoteric Schools, which one way or another are generated by the Christ impulse, only then can the disciples understand what is the New and essential in the Word of the Master who is a herald of the Divine world.

As early as the first years of the brotherly life around the spiritual center of Izgrev, the Master Beinsa Douno guided his followers to investigate valuable and true Teachings. He reminded them that the contemporary esoteric students originating from the European people should not apply Indian exercises and practices without transforming and adapting the methods to the contemporary Evolutionary wave. This is so because according to the Master Peter Deunov after the Golgotha Mysteries, we have the opportunity to stop our involutionary sinking into matter and to start, through the Divine Love of Christ, to evolve and to raise ourselves again up to our true fatherland: the Spirit. Since the Indian Yoga methods were given during the involutionary period of the development of humankind, they are not appropriate to the contemporary Europeans. The Master Beinsa Douno gives a number of exercises and practices representing an evolutionary analogue to several methods reaching us from ancient India.

On the other hand it was already explained that the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood substantially differs in its ideological aspect from the Theosophical movement guided by the pro-Indian oriented Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. Moreover, some disciples have serious experiences in the situation when they started making contact with pseudo-Teachings. The Master Beinsa Douno firmly forbade the distribution of the Agni Yoga Teaching and of the Bo In Ra Teaching in the brotherly community that he founded in Sofia. This categorical tone is provoked by the fact that no false teachings, directed against the very Spirit of Christ, are allowed in the environment of an Esoteric School of Christ. Apart from the spiritual movements appearing in the ancient times (Brahmanism, Mazdeism, Orphism, Krishnaism, Hermeticism, Essenism, Pythagorism, Bogomilism), which according to the Master Beinsa Douno, are all branches of the Universal White Brotherhood, whose Head is Christ, the disciples naturally were orientated in the esoteric knowledge obtained from contemporary traditions in the stream of Christ. Some of the most alert and capable disciples of the Master Peter Deunov (Boyan Boev, Vlad Pashov, Georgi Radev, Mihail Ivanov, Metodi Constantinov, etc.) studied devotedly and in-depth the Anthroposophic sources because they found it to be a close and similar Teaching in absolute harmony with the Principles, laws and theses expressed by the Master Beinsa Douno. Moreover, he himself stimulated this process in the Bulgarian Esoteric School of 20th century by a number of speeches showing to all the disciples in his school that Rudolf Steiner is a Great Initiated of our time. Subsequently, the closest disciples of the Master Peter Deunov are not only perfectly well acquainted with the anthroposophic ideas but they take one initial step towards a powerful synthesis between the two most akin Esoterically Christian traditions of our time. The present study is a natural result and continuation of this primary synthesis.

The outlined synthesis between the two European Esoterically Christian movements has its methodological meaning because under the strenuous circumstances of 20th century disciples should not waste or scatter their energy or time. It turned out that when the Master Peter Deunov directed his followers to study the spiritual traditions of humankind, so that they can best prepared for the New Divine Teaching, educating Life in the Christ Love, this particular studying runs most smoothly, effectively and comprehensively through entering into the Ocean of Christ Wisdom called Anthroposophy. This is so because Rudolf Steiner analyzed spiritual-scientifically almost all spiritual traditions in the Light of Christ. One of the pieces of evidence about the real and essential link between the Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno and Anthroposophy is the fact that the person who created the conditions for the appearance of Anthroposophy in Bulgaria, by translating many works of Rudolf Steiner is Dimo Daskalov, who is one of the followers of the Master Peter Deunov. He met the Master Beinsa Douno personally on several occasions; he played songs of the Master on a violin; he closely conversed with Boyan Boev, the latter is one of the closest disciples of the Master Beinsa Douno. Dimo Daskalov presents anthroposophic lectures before followers of the Master Peter Deunov. The Anthroposophic publishing house in Bulgaria is named after Dimo Daskalov.

There is also another methodological aspect of similarity between the activities of the spiritual leader Rudolf Steiner and the Master Peter Deunov. When carrying out the anthroposophic doctrine, Rudolf Steiner explained that the first step of any anthroposophist into the spiritual path is the systematic studying and co-experiencing of the esoteric truths described by the Spiritual Science. Thus disciples impregnate the sublime Wisdom and the living ideas of Archangel Michael into their spiritual structures. They, on their part, develop the necessary spiritual organs and senses without which the conscious development and progress in the Spiritual Science are not possible. A follower of Anthroposophy actually examines systematically and entirely a vast number of profoundly linked ideas, concepts, processes and functions in the human character and in the Living nature. Also in the activities of the Angel hierarchies, the essence of the Christ mysteries, he /she endeavors to profoundly co-experience them because this is precisely the way to form and manifest the spiritual organs and senses necessary for the human evolution.

One of the key moments while approaching Rudolf Steiner’s Word is not only the fact that there is a certain consistency without which it is impossible to properly go into Anthroposophy. The method of hatching was applied where wide workplaces are left and the sincere anthroposophist can get deeper into it and to complete, independently, the picture started by Rudolf Steiner. Thus the spiritual seeker studying anthroposophy absolutely naturally develops one’s internal abilities, certainly, if one has the courage to ask Parsifal-like questions in the context of the true Rosicrucian of 20th century, the Anthroposophy.

On his / her turn, every unprejudiced and serious researcher of the Word of the Master Peter Deunov notices an internal, immanent code in its structure and essence. For example in the School of Esoteric Christianity, active among the Bulgarian people, there are the three levels typical for the occult schools, formed structurally by three kinds of people. The first category consists of followers and listeners who from now on will become aware of the occult principles of the Esoteric Christianity; the Word intended for them is delivered in the form of Sunday lectures to which access was free. On the other hand, the school lectures delivered before the classes of the Occult School, founded by the Master Beinsa Douno, are of a radically different nature and are intended for Faithful (in the esoteric-Christian sense of the word) disciples specially called by the Master Peter Deunov. At the innermost level of the School, intimate esoteric phenomena and relations with the most advanced disciples of the School take place, who actually appeared to be direct co-workers and assistants of the working Great Master of the Good.95 But this, however, is just one type of a structural section of the Esoteric School found by the Master Beinsa Douno. His very Word has specific characteristics and it takes a particular approach to get to it.

The first major difference appearing in the comparison with the Word of Rudolf Steiner, which would probably be seen by the anthroposophic researcher, is the fact that the Word of the Master Beinsa Douno bears primarily an esoteric-Christian moral accent and only on the second level does it have an occult-gnoseological essence. Therefore, each anthroposophist embarking on an investigation of the Word of the Master Beinsa Douno, has to tune oneself to it into a different way and above all has to approach it absolutely impartially and with a pure heart. This is a natural rule generated by the principles of the so-called cross-cultural research. The Master Beinsa Douno uses a different approach, which he expresses and interweaves into his Word, as compared with the method applied by Rudolf Steiner, developed in his books and lectures. If the method applied by Rudolf Steiner can be called a descriptive-co-experiential method and if its objective is to impregnate the Michael living ideas in the mental microcosm of the spiritual researcher, then the method applied by the Master Beinsa Douno in his Word, can be called a method of synthesis across the widest spectrum of experiences in the uniform texture of the Christ-consciousness. This method was not selected accidentally. Its objective is to combine all experiences, from the smallest ones manifested in everyday life, to the grandest, forever transforming experiences, which can be touched upon by a spiritual seeking person. The Master Beinsa Douno appears in his Word as a loving mother teaching her child-disciple by applying the method of conscious mosaic or puzzle arranging, numerous multi-colored pieces of various forms have to fit into one complete overall picture. When the objective is accomplished and for instance a lecture (usually devoted to the incredible depth of a line from the Gospel, visually demonstrated by the Master Peter Deunov) is consciously subjected to a detailed analysis and esoteric synthesis, the very work in relation with the arrangement, with becoming conscious of, with reflection, meditative contemplation and getting deeper into the Word, has an unusual cathartic, purifying and transforming effect upon the internal spiritual structures of the researcher. And this in its essence is a direct contact and appearance of the Christ Spirit into the space of ‘I’-ness of the Disciple. Actually every lecture or speech of the Master Beinsa Douno is not only a conceptual-reasoning challenge but primarily it is a moral ray of the Christ Light directed to the esoteric-disciple’s Consciousness Soul; one microcosm of the Second Appearance of Christ into the human soul, a universe which one can enter only if one approaches it with a sacred attitude and serious esoteric preparation in the Michael science of nowadays.

And it is precisely here where the deep bond between the two true schools of Esoteric Christianity, appearing in 20th century, is to be noticed: if a person has a serious anthroposophic preparation, one will get deeper, and much more completely, into the transforming (in Christ sense) essence of the Word of the Master Beinsa Douno. On the other hand, if a spiritual disciple has long practiced and developed Christ virtues with the help of the Word of the Master Beinsa Douno, such a disciple much more naturally and intensively perceives, experiences and applies the ideas of the Great Initiated Rudolf Steiner, developed in the Anthroposophy. If in the Western Esoteric School one can find the fundamental Michael elements of esoterism, in the Eastern School of Esoteric Christianity one can contemplate the complex compounds and living tissues formed by these elements, combined in a Gospel context. Thus the arimanic action against the development of Michaelism in the European cultural conditions is overcome and conquered, and as Master Beinsa Douno pointed out, a Divine Science is created having two major parts: esoteric-cognitive and a moral-practical one. It is particularly this powerful methodological synthesis between the two basic parts of the contemporary spiritual-scientific research of the two branches of Esoteric Christianity that can save and focus into a proper direction the Light of the Michael wisdom newly-acquired by humankind.

The two schools of the contemporary Esoteric Christianity and more precisely: the two verbal flows of their leaders are not contradictory but on the opposite, they are in an ineffable and potent unity, serving one single and sacred objective: the Second Appearance of Christ into the human soul, into the soul of humanity.

These natural relations between the two Esoterically Christian traditions of 20th century have deep historic roots. According to the Master Beinsa Douno the Great Initiated of humankind, the Great Masters and Heralds of the Universal White Brotherhood, in the process of their work throughout the centuries, have formed three branches of the Esoteric School of the White Brotherhood.96 The first branch is called Egyptian Branch, it appeared in Egypt, and then in Persia and Greece and has an objective to prepare the spiritual conditions in the White race for the forthcoming Christianity. The second branch can be called Palestinian, it originated from the Egyptian branch, spread with the Essenes in Palestine and it moved to Rome, England and Germany during the Christian epoch and has as an objective to introduce and spread Christianity in the world. The third branch can be called Bogomilian, starting from Egypt, it goes to India, and then to Persia, Syria, Arabia, Asia Minor and Slavic Bulgaria; this branch has as an objective to apply the Divine Teaching, i.e. the Esoteric Christianity. In the early Middle Ages the third branch actively spread in Europe. Although the Bogomilians were subjected to persecution, were murdered and burnt at stakes, they spread a powerful spiritual wave all over Europe through their later European appearances in the Albigoans and the Cathars. The Master Beinsa Douno underlines that Rosencrucianism, as an Esoteric movement, is a branch of the third Bogomilian branch coming to Europe through Bulgaria. This is also supported by the Anthroposophic research of Christopher Bramford in his book Christian Rosencreutz and the Rosicrucianism97, where it is mentioned that most probably Christian Rosencreutz was born on the borderline between Hess and Turingue in a Cathar family and brotherly community, which directly indicates the profound spiritual and historical links between the esoteric fraternities of the Bogomilians, the Cathars and the Rosencrucians.

The Teaching of the Master Beinsa Douno renews and further develops the Bulgarian esoteric tradition with the objective to prepare it as a seed and a basis for the Slavic Cultural epoch, while Anthroposophy is the renewed core Rosicrucianism, which is the Esoteric Center for Central and Western Europe. It is only natural that there are deep internal links, at the present times too, between these two spiritual traditions because they have common roots and common ideal values.

The sacred link between the two impulses of the contemporary Esoteric Christianity, the Western and the Eastern ones, the fiery synthesis between the true Rosicrucianism of nowadays and the Word of Bodhisattva Maitreya is one of the sacred ideals driving any sincere seeker into the Path pointed by the radiant eyes of Archangel Michael.

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