4.2. Historical elaboration of our thesis

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Having formulated the thesis and the methodological approach, we are inevitably entering the historical aspect. Only through the historical elaboration of the Word and the work of Master Beinsa Douno, can we prove or reject his connection with Bodhisattva Maitreya. For this purpose, we tentatively divide the historical period of time, when Master Beinsa Douno lived and worked, into seven sub-periods of seven years each. We accept 1896-97 as the beginning, when 33-year old Peter Deunov established, in Varna, the Society for raising the religious spirit of the Bulgarian people, published the book Science and Education and wrote the mystic text Hio-eli-meli-mesail. Between that moment and 1944, the year when he left this world, the object of our study is 49 (7 × 7) years.

4.2.1 Period 1896-1902

The first sub-period can be called tentatively the period of incorporation. In this period, Bodhisattva Maitreya probably masters gradually the bodies of Peter Deunov and made the first suggestions about his chief mission, the proclamation of the mystery of the Etheric Christ. In the above-mentioned text Hio-eli-meli-mesail (1897), we read for instance, here He comes to visit the Earth…. All corners of the Earth will be filled up with the power and glory of His presence… So speaks the One, who redeemed us with His blood… So, I am waiting at the secret door of your heart for the answer.9

4.2.2 Period 1903-1909

The second sub-period can be tentatively called the beginning of the Mystery of the Etheric Christ. The Society, founded in 1897, started to call itself the Synarchic Chain and to hold in August, each year, annual meetings in Varna. The records from the annual meeting of the Chain in Varna in 1906 noted the presence of three vacant chairs in the meeting room, which were intended for three supersensible beings.10 The person who wrote down the record put down the following: these three Friends bear the name ’All’ as well, and Master Beinsa Douno explained, ‘All’ means Emanuel, i.e. our Lord with us and among us, Who teaches us. He is the Great Teacher and Redeemer. And Michael is the army leader, while Gabriel is the messenger. Some lines further down we can read, There is no Deunov here but it is the ‘I’, the Lord, manifesting through his soul. In the historical comparison between the sub-period considered here and the corresponding time period in the activity of Rudolf Steiner, we can discover a number of analogies. Undoubtedly, most significant is the historical fact that on 5th December 1907, Rudolf Steiner for first time disclosed in his lecture cycle the cosmic mystery of Archangel Michael as the Sun Countenance of Christ, the leader of Cosmic Intelligence and the Spirit of the Time of our epoch, which dates from 1879. In May 1907, Steiner separated from the Theosophical Society, and on 1st June 1907, he announced the division of the Esoteric School into a Western and an Eastern one.

In the same year, the records from the annual meeting of the Chain on 16th August, Master Beinsa Douno proclaimed, today we will form the Chain in the astral world...11 We can read in the records from the annual meeting in the following year 1908, it was Christ Who breathed Spirit into the mouth of man, of Adam. That is why the abode of the soul is the lungs. Between the lungs is the heart, which is the seat of the soul...(11th August).12

In 1909, the beginning of the Mystery of the Etheric Christ seems to have reached its apex. At the annual meeting of the Chain, Master Beinsa Douno showed to the people there a small double-edged sword (dagger), the esoteric symbol of the full I-consciousness brought by Christ and pronounced the memorable phrase: one side of the dagger bears the sign of man and the other side the sign of the Chain. This is the Power of God; with this knife we besiege Varna.” (16th August).13 On 13th June the following year, Rudolf Steiner declared publicly in Christiania that the past year, 1909, marked the beginning of a supersensible phenomenon, called the Etheric Appearance of Christ in the astral world. Further on in the records of this historical year, 1909, one can read words pronounced about his own personality: I do not want you to know who I am; my wish is that others speak about this, I do not want to be famous. If I wanted this, I could open the eyes of two persons and they would tell who I am. But if persecution starts, how many of you will be able to endure? That is why I do not want to place you on slippery ground; I want to avoid this. I know the soul of the Bulgarian people and I do not want to create karma for them (19th August).14

4.2.3 Period 1910-1916

The third sub-period in the historical elaboration of our thesis can be tentatively called the period of experiencing the Etheric Christ. Dramatic shifts occurred in time and space. Master Beinsa Douno left Varna and concentrated on Veliko Tarnovo, the city which he also called the heart of Bulgaria. That is why perhaps his Word voiced with direct figurative suggestions about the living Christ. At the annual meeting of the Chain in Tarnovo in 1911, he pronounced words which formulate in a unique way the method My Son, Give Me Your Heart. Give a correct answer because the Lord is speaking to you now. Mark well that you have the sling with you because you have both mind and heart. And you will find the stone which is Christ when you start walking in the river stream. Consider that Christ is always on the physical level; He is always on the Earth; He is within us… You will find Christ only when you purify your hearts. And only when you already have the sling [the mind and the heart], you will have the stone [Christ] and will be capable of fighting… Christ will come, this is beyond doubt, and He will come soon… Under the words Second Coming you should not understand the end of the world but the Second Coming of Christ (11th August).15 During the same year 1911, Master Beinsa Douno showed for the first time to his disciples a drawing with the impressive image of the Pentagram, the supersensible skeleton of the ether body. Everything he said about it sounded like a method of mastering the Tree of Life and a sacred experience of the Christ Being. You can see from the picture…, that for every heroic deed one should start with the knife, representing the power; after which comes the cup, symbolizing suffering and then you can proceed to the Truth. But when you enter the Truth, you will be met there by Christ (11th August). On the following day, Master Beinsa Douno proclaimed the seven steps of modern Christian initiation. The first step is descending, the second step is the one you are making and the third step is Love. These three steps correspond in Christianity to seven steps, the first is the reversal..., the second step... is penance..., the third step is redemption..., the fourth step is revival, the fifth step is the rebirth from spirit and water..., the sixth step is initiation..., and the seventh step is resurrection. These seven steps can be divided into further 49 steps, i.е. each one is divided into seven steps (7 × 7 = 49), which you should climb (12th August).

In the following year 1912, Master Beinsa Douno wrote the book The Testament of the Color Rays of Light and presented it at the meeting of the Chain in Tarnovo as a method of experiencing the Etheric Christ on the astral level. The Christ is close to the physical level and this year He is attending the convention… We should understand Christ’s teaching like this, Christ is breathing and this breathing has turned into Light and the Light into Life… Christ is coming to reconcile mankind with the White Light Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Lights” (15th – 18th August).16 The structure of the Testament has twelve parts where Biblical texts are composed in resonance with twelve etheric streams, i.e. with twelve basic virtues. One can easily find some details of the method My Son, Give Me Your Heart in the instructions how to implement the Testament; the student concentrates his thought on the image of a certain color from the light spectrum, consciously inflames a certain stream of his etheric body and with a feeling of reverence starts reading the respective Biblical verses, which guide him to a direct experience of Christ at the point where his own Life wells out.

The creation of The Testament of the Color Rays of Light is an original preparation for something still more significant, the experience of the moral force of the Christ Impulse. As we formulated in our thesis, according to Anthroposophy, Bodhisattva Maitreya is the preacher of the Etheric Christ and he penetrates people with the moral force of the Christ Impulse, which is Power and Life. We cannot find more direct and convincing evidence than this coincidence of terminology at first sight. In 1914, Master Beinsa Douno settled permanently in Sofia and each Sunday gave public lectures, which were taken down in shorthand. Early in the following year they started to be published in collections entitled Power and Life. The first official lecture, which was given before the public in Sofia on 16th March 1914 and taken down in shorthand, was entitled Ecce Homo. We, who follow Christ…, must ultimately let Him enter into us. I am leaving now to you this Man; will you accept Him or crucify Him, will you set Him free or will say, ‘We do not want Him’, this is the question you should solve. If you say, ‘Set Him free, He is our Lord’, you have solved the question and blessing will come.17

That same year, Master Beinsa Douno proclaimed at the meeting of the Chain in Tarnovo: Christ is now descending from the Divine world to us… You want to see Christ now but many of you have already seen Him, have even seen Him not only once but each time you said, ‘Maybe it is not He, maybe it is someone else.’... Christ is here and I wish your eyes were open (10th August). It is necessary to pronounce the Name of Jesus Christ for us and for the others because this Name generates those Principles in the Cosmos which are creative… With the utterance of His Name we consciously and reverentially call forth the nine ranks of Angels to work all together (11th August). How to find Christ? Well, this silent whispering, which you often have, what is that? That is Christ… When Christ speaks to you, you will feel this in the pit of the stomach, near the heart and coming from within your soul… Concentrate each day on a certain question, read the Gospel and think about Christ… When you become enthusiastic from all this, Christ will start to inspire you (13th August).18

4.2.4 Period 1917-1923

The fourth sub-period in the historical analysis can be tentatively called the period of the School of Bodhisattva Maitreya. In 1917, the government re-settled Master Beinsa Douno to Varna under the pretext that his teaching was shaking the combat spirit of the Bulgarian soldiers in the front. Our further analysis unfolds in the post-war years and is directly related to the coming up of a new generation of disciples, born in the last decade of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th century. The Chain was already called Universal White Brotherhood. The indisputable culmination of this period was 1922. Master Beinsa Douno opened, in Sofia, The School of Esoteric Christianity with two classes, where he gave lectures in the course of 22 years. Thus, all methods related to the mystery of the Etheric Christ acquired a strictly scientific form and scholarly completeness. In the summer of the same year, at the convention in Tarnovo, Master Beinsa Douno gave the key lecture Let Christ Come Down and Explain. The happiest day will be for me when I see that Christ is living in your consciousness… You are making efforts but they will be futile if Christ does not penetrate into your consciousness and if with Him Divine Love does not penetrate… Christ must penetrate and then the Resurrection will come, which suggests the new Life in new forms (2nd June).19

Several days later, Master Beinsa Douno gave his disciples the first school musical exercise entitled Fir-fur-fen-give your blessing. It was composed in three phonemes which sound like mantrums: Fir-fur-fen, Tao Bi and Aumen. The introduction of the occult musical exercises, as the leading methodology in the School of the White Brotherhood, seemed to introduce a new dimension in the mystery of the Etheric Christ and the forces generated from experiencing Him were redirected to something qualitatively new, to the conscious organizing of the Body of Love which Anthroposophy calls Manas or Spirit-Self. On 29th October the same year, the musical exercise Sweet, Honey was given to the General Occult Class. At first glance, the text shows a certain naivete typical for children’s songs.

Sweet, honey
sweet, honey (2), 
sent from the Sun, 
brought from the bees (2).

However, if it is sung with deep emotion, the consciousness is impressed with the mighty imagery of suggestions; the singer directly experiences the etheric taste of honey, occult food, which guides the ‘I’-organization to such a state, whereby it can exercise the needed power over the astral body. At the same time, the image of the bee and the warmth of the beehive is experienced, warmth which is close to the warmth of human blood, an occult symbol of the warmth acquired on Ancient Saturn. At the end, the consciousness of the esoteric student is penetrated by the seed of the future consciousness of inspiration, because the spirit of the beehive today has the consciousness of Future Venus.

4.2.5 Period 1924-1930

The fifth sub-period can be tentatively called the period of Spirit- Self or the Body of Love. On 2nd April 1924, Master Beinsa Douno gave a key lecture entitled The Mindful Heart. The ideas in this lecture are experienced by the consciousness as connections with Manas or Spirit-Self (the Body of Love). You should place the new line of your life on your Mindful Heart. God’s Spirit is operating, or acting in this Mindful Heart… That is why Christ says, ‘Everything you ask in My Name, will be given unto you’. In whose name? In the name of God’s Love, in the name of this Mindful Heart that is in us. If you have a Mindful Heart, Christ can come and live in it… So, you should appeal now to the good habits you have, to your Mindful Heart.20

In the following year, 1925, Master Beinsa Douno gave the key musical exercise Aum. Its ancient vibration includes three etheric sounds, the seeds of the three Spirits, which in the future, each ‘I’ will develop. The sound A is experienced as the seed of Atma, which Anthroposophy calls Spirit-Human, and Master Beinsa Douno calls the Body of Truth, the sound U is experienced as the seed of Buddhi, called respectively Life-Spirit or the Body of Wisdom, the sound M is experienced as the seed of Manas, called Spirit-Self, or the Body of Love. At the present stage of evolution, however, it is decisive to consciously master the etheric body. It is clear that another key musical exercise from 6th June 1926 was addressed to it. It is entitled Think, Think Right:

Think, think right (2). 
Sacred thoughts about Life uphold (2), 
uphold, uphold, uphold, 
Sacred thoughts about Life uphold (2). 

With the vibrations infused in this exercise, the esoteric student ignites first the streams of sound ether in his own etheric body, where, according to esoteric science, our thoughts are woven. Then he masters also the streams of Life Ether, i.e. the medium where the immediacy of his own Life is functioning. This mastering of the two upper ethers, which, according to Anthroposophy were returned to mankind through Christ’s sacrifice on Golgotha, practically leads modern consciousness to a qualitatively new evolutionary stage. The Western European Christian tradition calls this stage Schooling, and Master Beinsa Douno The Path of the Disciple.

The first buildings of Izgrev, a community near Sofia, appeared in 1926 and Master Beinsa Douno concentrated the activity of the esoteric school there. In the following year, 1927, he gave in Izgrev the famous cycle of lectures entitled The Path of the Disciple. This cycle describes on a grand scale the path of the Consciousness Soul to the Spirit-Self, i.e. to the Body of Love. We divide people in four categories, Old Testament, New Testament, Righteous and Disciples… The Old Testament life is flowing in your veins and in the colon… The New Testament Life is flowing in your lungs and extending also into your sympathetic nervous system, in the solar plexus. The life of the Righteous embraces the lower layers of the brain and the life determining the Path of the Disciple flows in the higher layers of the brain... (19th August).21 In the four categories of people, we can easily find analogies with essential terms in the science of Anthroposophy. The Old Testament people with the functioning principle of Love clearly correspond to the organization which Rudolf Steiner calls the Sentient Soul, the New Testament people with the functioning principle of Light correspond to the Intellectual Soul, the Righteous people with the functioning principle of Peace correspond to the Consciousness Soul in our epoch, the Disciples with the functioning principle of Joy correspond to the Spirit-Self or the so-called Body of Love.

Master Beinsa Douno had contact with Krishnamurti through M. Popova and A. Dimitrov. In 1929, they met with Krishnamurti in Ommen, Netherlands and handed him a message from Master Beinsa Douno. Uncertain of his mission in 1929, Krishnamurti waived it, left the Theosophical Society and dismissed the Order Star of the East.

On 23rd October 1929, Master Beinsa Douno delivered the lecture Center of Life before the General Occult Class. Man cannot change the direction of his life if he does not understand the laws of his thoughts and desires. Man cannot transform even one of his thoughts in a noble desire, or one of his desires, in a light thought, if he does not have one center, or one sacred idea as his striving… Who can be the center of human thoughts and desires? – The Christ. If the thoughts and desires of man do not pass through Christ like an inner center of human life they will never find realization… Therefore, whatever he does man should inevitably go through the center of Christ life…22

4.2.6 Period 1931-1937

The sixth sub-period can be tentatively called the period of microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic Christ. From a purely factual point of view the chief place here is occupied by the events related to the World Theosophical Movement, which can be summarized as follows.

  • 1. The Theosophical Society had primarily the task to prepare conditions, under which Bodhisattva Maitreya could fulfill his chief mission.
  • 2. Since 1879, inspiration had started to flow towards H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1891) from the schools of the left initiation, which had nothing to do with the Eastern School of Esoteric Christianity. The Theosophical Society started to falsify the Etheric Appearance of Christ through a false Messiah and thus, practically to block the mission of the Bodhisattva of the 20th century. The mission to support the deed of the Bodhisattva was undertaken by the Rosicrucian movement in the face of the Anthroposophic Society and its activity in the period 1902-1907.
  • 3. On 29th October 1911, A. Besant proclaimed that the body of the Indian youth Krishnamurti was chosen to manifest Bodhisattva Maitreya and Christ, and the Order Star of the East was established. The basic delusion in this activity was the confusion of the individuality of the Bodhisattva with the cosmic nature of Christ.
  • 4. The teaching of Agni Yoga, presented during the period 1924-1938 by H. Roerich (1879-1955), continued the occult falsification of the Etheric Appearance of Christ and of the Bodhisattva of the 20th century. It claimed that the earthly Shambala is on the Himalayas and that it was guided by the Bodhisattva Maitreya, who had already reached the level of Buddha.

During the period considered here, Master Beinsa Douno started Paneurhythmy and completed it by 1942.23 The literal meaning of the word Paneurhythmy is universal gentle rhythm. Anthroposophy defines exactly the esoteric term eurythmy: the conscious guidance in the physical body of the impulses of the vowels and consonants, which function in the ether body and concentrate in the physical body through the larynx and the adjacent organs (the lungs and the arms). In the Paneurhythmy of Master Beinsa Douno, the principles of this definition are extended into a large-scale work, which combines melody, text, and malleable movements, performed by a group in a circle. This work consists of three parts, Paneurhythmy, Sun Rays and Pentagram. Each of them can be experienced as a specific method of the conscious work of the ‘I’ on its own Etheric and Astral bodies. Doing the paneurythmical exercises, the melody sounds in the larynx, the poetic images of the text are experienced in the texture of thinking and consciously penetrate the movement of the limbs. Thus, all etheric flows are ignited, while the reverential mood towards the partners and the supersensible center of the circle clearly puts into action also the method described by us as My Son, Give Me Your Heart. The three large parts of the Paneurhythmy can be considered as three stages of creating the future etheric structure, which Anthroposophy calls etheric (external) heart. Undoubtedly, the historical and spiritual culmination of the sixth period under analysis are the events from 1936. As facts, they can be summarized as follows.

On 4th May, an activist of the political party assaulted Master Beinsa Douno and as a result of brain trauma with subsequent inter-cranial hemorrhage, the right side of his body was paralyzed. On 14th July, despite his illness, Master Beinsa Douno went out on a tent camp by the Seven Rila Lakes. With a paralyzed right arm, day by day, stroke by stroke, in the course of almost one month, he wrote down in a notebook God is Love. On 12th August he completely restored his health and went down to Sofia on 14th August. On 19th August, Master Beinsa Douno opened the annual convention of the White Brotherhood at Izgrev with the lecture To Give Them Life. By the reminiscences of a number of witnesses, Master Beinsa Douno himself called the events from 1936 the New Golgotha. Probably, in this case he meant a microcosmic reflection of a significant supersensible event in the macrocosmic life of the Christ Being. Its visible manifestations looked like Golgotha, but this was clearly a mystery, where the blood did not flow outwards to the Earth but inwards to the brain (more specifically in the left hemisphere of the brain), i.e. to the point of application of the etheric body, according to Anthroposophy. Practically, the right-side paralysis was a result from a displacement of the etheric body to the left in relation to the physical body, while the complete recovery from the paralysis was literally the victory of the etheric body and its renewed coming back to life.

4.2.7 Period 1938-1944

The seventh and the last sub-period can be tentatively called the return into the Lodge of the Bodhisattvas. Historically, it unfolded on the dramatic background of the events from World War II. Boyan Boev’s book The Master about Breathing was printed in 1942, a wonderful collection of all principles and spiritual practices given in the School of Master Beinsa Douno about breathing as a fundamental method for mastering the etheric body.24 Back in 1939, in a lecture before the General Occult Class entitled Basic Rules of Hygiene, one can read, Man needs breathing not only to take in air but also to nourish his etheric double. According to Anthroposophy, the three phases of the occult breathing contain the most intimate experience of the world etheric space. In the numerous school exercises of Master Beinsa Douno, these three phases are achieved with mental pronunciation of formulas. In this way, the unconscious physiological act of breathing is penetrated by the ignited etheric flows and the ‘I’ enters into possession of each cell in the physical body. In the phase of inhaling one pronounces the formula, Thank you, Lord, for the Divine Life, which You implanted in the air and which I intake with it. Thus, the ‘I’ consciously experiences the process of taking in the world Sound Ether. In the phase of keeping the breath, which is the most important in occult breathing, one pronounces the formula, This Divine Life penetrates into all my cells and brings Power, Life and health in them. Thus, the ‘I’ consciously transforms the sound ether into life ether. In the last, third phase of exhaling, one pronounces the formula, This Divine Life strengthens me and I display it outwards through my activity. Thus, the microcosmic essence of the ‘I’ is built in the macrocosm.

With the exhaling, with this mighty symbol of returning to our cosmic motherland, comes also the logical finale of our historical analysis. In 1944, the earthly path of Master Beinsa Douno came to the end and everything from his existence on the Earth, which had been historical until then, became primarily metaphysical. This is so at least for the consciousness of modern man. In this meaning, it is appropriate to finish with a private conversation between the Master and Boyan Boev, taken then in shorthand and deciphered as late as 1948. There is no other epoch in human history, where Christ worked like this. Now, Christ is working very hard. Several centuries ago, Christ was in the upper regions, in the highest worlds, and now, He has descended in the astral and etheric worlds, closer to the material world. Two great things will happen. First, the Spirit of Christ will start inspiring men, in the beginning the ready souls of course. When you feel in yourself a nice, selfless feeling, when you manifest compassion, love, mercy, this shows that the Spirit of Christ has illuminated you and starts working in you. Apostle Paul said himself at one point, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.’

Actually, this is the Gospel phrase which runs like a red thread through almost all lectures of Rudolf Steiner, Not I, but Christ in me. In another conversation about Christ, Master Beinsa Douno introduced a radical change: This verse should be changed for the disciples. It will be nice if you drop out the particle ‘not’ and say it as follows, ‘I learn from Christ, I learn from what He is doing in me.’25

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