4. The Word of Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov) as Manifestation of Bodhisattva Maitreya

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4.1. Introductory statement, research key and appointed tasks

The title of this part expresses another point of view to all the material presented in the first part of this book. All evidence in this perspective can be based mainly on several statements borrowed from the Anthroposophic doctrine, which concentrate mainly on the spiritual research of the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge and the mission of the Bodhisattvas.1 Thus, by employing analogies between Spiritual Science and historical data about Master Beinsa Douno (1864-1944), we can formulate our thesis in the following statements.

I. Master Beinsa Douno is the Bodhisattva of the 20th century, i.e. one of the twelve in the Bodhisattvas’ Lodge, guided by Christ through the Holy Spirit.2

II. He is Bodhisattva Maitreya, i.e. the Bodhisattva, who will become Buddha in 3000 years (in Sanskrit, Maitreya means literally the one who conveys the Good through the Word3, and the pseudonym Beinsa Douno is its transcript in a sacred proto-language, called by the Master himself the Vatan language).

III. From the historical aspect, Master Beinsa Douno is the first Bodhisattva after the Mystery of Golgotha that is why he is defined as the greatest Master, who appeared to explain to mankind the Christ event in its full scope, i.e. he is the greatest Master of the Christ Impulse.4

IV. The individuality of Bodhisattva Maitreya incorporates, i.e. incarnates partly in Peter Deunov at about 1896-75 and manifests physically through him for 49 years (7 periods by 7 years each) as Master Beinsa Douno.

V. His life-work and Word, as it is typical for each Bodhisattva, is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic life of Christ because Christ and the Bodhisattvas meet on the borderline between the starry and the planetary aspect of the Sun.6

VI. The mission of Master Beinsa Douno is to proclaim the most significant spiritual event of our time, Christ’s appearance in etheric body, also called the etheric revelation of Christ in the astral world7, starting since 1909.

VII. As preacher of the Etheric Christ, Master Beinsa Douno has carried and continues to carry a Word of magical power, which will directly flow into mankind, and will transform into direct moral impulses, i.e. will rouse people with the moral power of the Christ Impulse, which is Power and Life.8

VIII. The Word of Master Beinsa Douno is a method of a new Christian initiation, the ‘I’ consciously and freely experiences the cosmic I Am, voluntarily accepts Christ into itself and receives the possibility to know directly the starry aspect of the Sun Mysteries, the secrets of the Spiritual Cosmos beyond the borders of the Solar System is called the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father.

IX. The goal of the Theosophical Society, founded by Helena P. Blavatsky in 1889 and the goal of the Anthroposophic Society, which left the Theosophical Society in May 1907, is to prepare mankind for the coming of the World Master: Bodhisattva Maitreya.

X. In 1907, the Esoteric School separated into an Eastern one and a Western one. The latter has the tasks to develop the Sixth and Seventh sub-races of the Fifth Root Race.

XI. In the period 1910-1913, Master Beinsa Douno worked directly through Rudolf Steiner (through astral embodiment) and thus achieved merging the Rosicrucian, Western European movement and the Eastern European movement of Maitreya.

A central problem of the above eleven theses, undoubtedly, is the formulation of the historical and spiritual mission of the Bodhisattva who incarnated in the 20th century. According to most researchers of Anthroposophy, his mission is his chief distinctive feature by which he can be historically recognized and personally named. Rudolf Steiner repeatedly defined this mission as the proclamation of the central spiritual event of our times and of the next three millennia, called Etheric Appearance of Christ in the astral world. This central event can be summarized in the following seven spiritual-scientific statements.

I. The physical revelation of Christ is the Mystery of Golgotha and the blood of the Redeemer permeates into the Earth.

II. Besides the physical sheath, Christ as the higher group ‘I’ of the whole mankind has to prepare two new sheaths, an etheric and an astral, so that He could penetrate mankind as an integral organism and to prepare it for its transition from Earthly to the next cosmic state, called Future Jupiter or New Jerusalem.

III. The Kingdom of the Etheric Christ is represented as an all-embracing etheric sphere, called Shamballa (the pink aurora above the east horizon before sunrise), and the new etheric revelation of Christ as the Ruler of Shamballa is the fulfillment of His words, My kingdom is not from this world (Luke 18:36).

IV. Analogical processes are constantly running in the microcosm and macrocosm. From the heart to the brain, streams a flood of light going round Epiphysis (Pineal gland), and on the other hand, the etheric sphere of the Earth, containing the etherized blood of Christ spilt on Golgotha, also generates streams in people, flowing from below upwards.

V. The unification of the two etheric streams leads to the ability to perceive the Etheric Appearance of Christ in the astral world, i.e. the human bloodstream meets the bloodstream of Christ.

VI. The unification of the two etheric streams can occur only if one practices correct understanding of the Christ Impulse and relation to it, i.e. if one learns gradually to inflame their own etheric stream so that one creates the ability to sense the coming of Christ in etheric body as living Comforter or moral adviser.

VII. The experience of the Etheric Christ will lead to unification of the intellectual and moral poles in mankind and to gradual spiritualization of the Earth, i.e. the Earth will gradually become a corpse and its spiritual essence will proceed to the future cosmic state, called Future Jupiter or New Jerusalem.

It becomes necessary, at this point, to formulate the method of our investigation. The problem under consideration combines historical, ontological and metaphysical aspects but the only accessible point of view is its experience in the three spheres of present-day man, i.e. mental, emotional and volitional (mind, heart and will). We could tentatively mark our method with the famous quotation from Solomon’s Book of Proverbs, My son, give me your heart (23:26). Its graphic image is represented in Fig. 1 and requires several explanations.

1. According to esoteric science, everything functioning in our mind as thoughts has been formed in our past; everything functioning as actions of will determines and forms our future; the only thing functioning here and now are our feelings, i.e. only in our hearts we experience our present.

2. When present-day man consciously imbues with thoughts his willed actions, he generates in himself Love; and vice versa, when he consciously imbues his thoughts with will, he generates in himself Freedom. That is why we say that the present evolutionary incarnation of the Earth is the cosmos of Love and Freedom.

3. And in both cases (when with the forces of one’s past man penetrates into the future, or with the forces of future one penetrates into the past) man inevitably passes with the forces of the mind through to the present of the heart. Therefore, the emotional sphere, or the heart, is the only psychic structure by which one can, here and now, experience Christ as the macrocosmic and microcosmic I Am. Figure 1. My Son, Give Me Your Heart

4. From the ontological and metaphysical point of view, it is not the same for the cosmos if human consciousness generates Love and Freedom through the heart of its daily mind, or through a heart full of veneration for Christ. In the first case, one operates with the so-called ordinary consciousness, in the second case, all thoughts and willed actions are imbued by the Christ Being, i.e. the consciousness functions through and for Christ, and in the terminology of the Christian tradition, this state of consciousness is called the Spirit of Truth.

5. It is exactly during this process of consciously generating Love and Freedom through the Christianized heart, the mind starts experiencing phenomena called Etheric Appearance of Christ in the astral world.

The method My Son, Give Me Your Heart combines the microcosmic point of view and the macrocosmic aspect at the present stage of the human evolution. In the language of imagery, exactly at this stage the Gods require from man chiefly emotional devotion, i.e. they do not want either our thoughts or our will but only our mindful heart.

The methodological approach presented above needs to define strictly the anatomical and psychological field where it functions, i.e. we need to know its psycho-physiological substratum. The term psycho-physiological substratum is borrowed from modern biological science but in this case it is used to denote structures from the supersensible bodies of the human being. According to Anthroposophic researchers, in the course of the entire evolutionary process, the ‘I’ organizes structures in our different bodies, which are similar to the anatomical skeleton.

1. The skeleton of the visible physical body is embraced by the ‘I’ from the outside.

2. The supersensible skeleton of the etheric body has the form of a pentagram consisting of five etheric streams, which circulate between the head and the limbs and the point of its application is the cerebrum.

3. The supersensible skeleton of the astral body has the form of a hexagram (Solomon’s seal). It consists of astral streams circulating between the ears, the shoulders, the heart and the cerebrum and the point of its application is the spinal cord.

4. The ‘I’ itself also has anatomical point of application and this is the ganglia in the sympathetic section of the vegetative nervous system and particularly Plexus Solaris, or called the Solar Plexus, i.e. the ‘I’ enters into the physical organization of our body through the Solar Plexus.

At the present evolutionary stage of consciousness, the key function belongs to the etheric body as a supersensible anatomic structure, where and whereby the esoteric student consciously works. The etheric body is also the modern field of manifestation of the Christ being in each individual consciousness. The Christian tradition calls it the Tree of Life and identifies it with Christ Himself. According to the esoteric science, the etheric body has four levels: (i) Warmth Ether, where the will and the metabolism function; (ii) Light Ether, where the five human senses and the biological reproduction function; (iii) Sound or Chemical Ether, where our thoughts literally weave, and (iv) Life Ether, where the memory functions and also what we call Life.

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