5.11. Attitude of the Bulgarian State to Master Beinsa Douno and the Universal White Brotherhood

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Master Beinsa Douno and the Universal White Brotherhood do not participate on principle in any government institutions or political units. Nevertheless, they were subject to both interest and repressions on behalf of politicians, statesmen, parties, the army and the police. There are documents, according to which Master Beinsa Douno intended to present his Appeal to My People before the National Assembly (1897); he did not accomplish this idea. From 1912 to 1918, most of his disciples and followers were mobilized in the Bulgarian army and at his instructions they carried The Good Prayer and Psalm 91 sown in their military coats. On 11 November 1912, towards the end of the Balkan War, through Maria Stoyanova (a maid of honor of the Bulgarian Queen), he advised the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand to sign an armistice with Turkey and not to attack his allies. In August 1915 during the course of the World War I, the Military commandment from Veliko Tarnovo dispersed the Annual Assembly of the Universal White Brotherhood and forced Master Beinsa Douno to leave the town. After Bulgaria’s capitulation at Dobro Pole (15 September 1918), he advised the Bulgarian Tsar through go-betweens to abdicate in favor of his son, Boris.

On 13 July 1921, the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior adopted a statute of the White Brotherhood Society in Rousse and this was the first legal registration of the followers of Universal White Brotherhood. In the 1920s, Master Beinsa Douno stayed for a long time in Sofia at 66 Opalchenska Street, right next door to the home of the communist leader Georgi Dimitrov. Memoirs of contemporaries have it that the latter hid several times from the police in the house of Master Beinsa Douno.

According to the memoirs of Petko Epitropov in July 1922, Master Beinsa Douno met Alexander Stamboliyski, then the Prime Minister, and had a private conversation with him. On 9 June 1923 after a coup d’etat the party of the Democratic Accord took over; the government of the Democratic Accord did not allow the Annual Assembly of the Universal White Brotherhood to be held. On 21 July 1925, Master Beinsa Douno was summoned to a hearing at the Social Security Police Department in Sofia; his answers to the questions put to him were documented.

My name is Peter Constantinov Deunov, from Varna, 60 years of age, Bulgarian, single, non-convicted, teacher: My teaching rests on three major principles: Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth. These three principles make it evident that an absolute peace and mutual understanding are required among people, brotherhood and mutual assistance for the sake of the common welfare.

My teaching excludes any violence and demands absolute purity in the thoughts, feelings and actions. One of the most substantial conditions for all followers of this teaching is the consummate moral. Disciples of the Divine School, in order to be able to receive and apply all the truths of the Christ teaching, have to be pure – in physical, moral and spiritual aspects. Any violation of this condition constitutes a significant obstacle in their development. They have to be always facing both themselves and the others, society and the state.

I recommend compliance with the existing laws and regulations of the government. Any deficiency or imperfection in the social order and in the state can be corrected through self-perfection, as it is said, ‘Be perfect just like your Father in Heavens is perfect. The church should always be in an absolute agreement with the Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. I do not deal in politics, because it represents no objective of ours. Only people who start studying life only now deal in politics. I only teach which is the intelligent good.

It takes knowledge about life for one to understand Divine Wisdom and to grasp the Divine Truths. This knowledge is taught to those who want to study and progress voluntarily. If they are sound in terms of intellect and morals, they easily grasp the taught lessons, while in the opposite case, they can give up on their own any work that is beyond their capacity. I neither invite anybody, nor force or keep them. My teaching imposes the law of the intelligent freedom. Those who come won’t be driven away, but also those who want to leave shall not be forced to stay. Nothing is imposed on anybody; I help everybody if they so wish with advice, guidance and rational means in accordance with the laws of the Living Intelligent Nature. And everything I do absolutely gratuitously. The God that I serve takes care of my sustenance and allowance. In view of the above I declare that any pleas, complaints, statements and criticism against me, by whomsoever, are not true or founded. My teaching stated in over six printed volumes and my life which is open to anybody and can be tested any minute, need no defense.

This teaching provides physical health, moral purity and spiritual progress to everybody who follows it, and my life is commonly recognized as an example to follow. The insignificant number of exceptions of stagnating development is obviously due to atavistic principles. I.e. there are a case or two of spiritual hesitation and moral corruption; this is due to them personally, to their parents. Their past life and their current situation clearly testify for this, but they are not my disciples although they appeared before me.

There is nothing else to say. 21 June 1925

In 1936, he was physically attacked by an adherent of the Democratic Accord party; the incident led to a brain hemorrhage and paralysis; later on the Master recovered completely. Afterwards his attacker asked Master Beinsa Douno for forgiveness. On 2 October 1937, he was officially called to answer in written form and in detail questions about the attitude of his teaching to the church, the government institutions, the army, the social order, marriage, family and moral. His answers were documented and preserved for the generations.

During the Second World War Master Beinsa Douno advised his disciples Lyubomir Loulchev (advisor at the court) and Methodi Constantinov (high official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to persuade Tsar Boris III to withdraw his decision on the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews and with this act he contributed to their salvation.

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