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Four years after the establishment of the totalitarian communist regime in Bulgaria, the Government recognized the Universal White Brotherhood as a faith community (23 January 1948), but in October 1956 repealed its decision. In June 1948, the land plot in Izgrev where the prayer meeting hall was located was nationalized, and was given to the Embassy of USSR. On 6 December 1957 by virtue of a prosecution order, the entire reference literature with the Word of Master Beinsa Douno was seized, and in August 1958, the Sofia City Council nationalized all land plots owned by then Izgrev citizens.

After the democratic changes in Bulgaria, the Council of Ministers adopted a statute of the Universal White Brotherhood Society (7 November 1990). In 2001, it published a certificate, according to which the Society does not qualify as sect; it is an official spiritual movement coming into arising in Bulgaria as an original tradition that has lasted over a century in Bulgaria.

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