5.2. Ideological and methodological doctrine

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The various aspects in the Teaching of Master Beinsa Douno are set out and developed in about 4 000 of his lectures, delivered and put down in short hand in the period of 1900-1944. They were published in several multi-volume series: lectures before the General Esoteric Class, lectures before the Special Esoteric Class, Sunday lectures, Annual Meeting lectures, Morning lectures etc.

The main categories in his Teaching are Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue, understood as attributes of the historic, cosmic and mystic Christ. Love is a central macro-and micro-cosmic category, functioning in the various aspects of human existence as aspiration (in the emotional sphere or the heart), feeling (in the soul), power (in the ideal sphere of the ā€˜Iā€™ or the mind) and principle (in the spirit). The so-called Great Universal Brotherhood is the fundamental cosmogonic view. It is described as an organism, consisting of advanced human souls (lodges of the Great Initiated and their disciples) and the nine hierarchies of super-sensitive beings (angels, archangels, archais, powers, mights, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim). According to Master Beinsa Douno, Christ is the supreme governor of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

The history of world culture is seen as a projection of a cosmic rhythm, structured in global periods and sub-periods. The periods are as follows: Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantis, the Fifth, the Sixth and the Seventh Periods. The sub-periods of the current Fifth Period are called cultural epochs: the epoch of Cancer (Ancient-Indian), Gemini (Ancient-Persian), Taurus (Ancient-Egyptan), Aries (Ancient Greece and Rome), Pisces (Western European), Aquarius (Slavic), etc. During these epochs the human consciousness manifests itself and develops through collective, individual, supreme collective and cosmic stages.

The psychological aspect of the human development according to Master Beinsa Douno is a consequential transformation through four cultural archetypes: Old Testament, New Testament, the Righteous and Disciple. The transition to the latter is understood as a totality of esoteric school methods, aimed at the transformation of the ideal-conceptual consciousness into imaginative and is designated by the term blossoming of the human soul. According to Master Beinsa Douno esoteric disciples link their consciousness with Christ permanently, experience Him constantly in their mental, emotional and will-power spheres and learn permanently from what He performs within them. Thus, the consciousness of the disciple and his etheric body more specifically, is naturally perceived as object and subject of the so-called Etheric Appearance of Christ.

The main methods for spiritual work in the School of the Universal White Brotherhood are:

Word: working through the Word of Master Peter Deunov, disciples develop their consciousness and awaken positive creative energies that build the characteristics of the Aquarius New human being.

Music: as an ever present companion to the Word, it precedes and concludes each lecture or speech. It is a means for raising human consciousness.

Sunrise: meeting the sunrise accompanied by prayers and meditation exercises followed by a morning lecture of Master Beinsa Douno.

Motion exercises: constructed as a result of certain natural elements, the objective is to organize the human etheric body and psyche.

Duty: a special work method where certain formulae and prayers are uttered by all disciples at an exactly agreed time, just like in a ritual.

Themes: a topic to be developed during the following days is assigned at the beginning of each lecture. These are spiritual philosophical themes with the objective to stimulate the creative thinking of the disciples.

Conversations and personal correspondence: free and informal conversations or correspondence on various themes between the disciples and the Master. This allows the disciples to draw directly on his experience.

Excursions: being in contact with nature builds a close bond between the souls of the disciples and the Mindful Nature. Communal life: life based on a brotherhood foundation that places human relations within the framework of mutual assistance, moral and spiritual purity.

Prayer: the step realizing the bond with God is the prayer. A prayer is a path along which anybody can start in order to enter the Great Life of Spirit. Beinsa Douno himself said that a prayer is a constant link with the Spiritual World and he advised his disciples to aspire to this state.

The Testament of the Color Rays of Light and Paneurhythmy are special methods. All methods are considered esoteric practices to experience Christ through the whole human being and particularly through the etheric body.

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