5.3. Scientific contribution

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The contribution is formulated as ideas in various fields of philosophy. Developed in numerous lectures of Master Beinsa Douno, these are subject to be analyzed and interpreted further on in time. Some of the ideas in the philosophical domain are as follows:

Your consciousness can travel at the speed of slow trains, it can travel at the speed of Light, and it can travel even faster. Hence, time and space are functions of consciousness. Consciousness is out of the scope of time and space… (Youth Esoteric Class, year 1, lecture 13, Contradictions in Life, 24 May 1922)

Contemporary people still cannot imagine that Light is living. We live in a living Light, while the Light that physics discuss, represents the sub-consciousness of the living Light. The same phases can be found in the consciousness of Light like the phases in your consciousness - sub-consciousness, self-consciousness and super-consciousness. [not in Freud’s meaning - Editors note] (Youth Esoteric Class, year IV, lecture 25, Influence of the Inner Light, 12 April 1925)

One can identify whether there are beings on the Sun by the light of the solar spectrum. Above all, wherever there is intelligent life, Light comes in a special way… There is a difference in the spreading of the Sunrays coming out from an un-intelligent being [or non-living object] and those coming out from an intelligent being - the laws are different. (Youth Esoteric Class, year IV, lecture 15, The Tests of a Disciple. The Wheat Grain, 25 January 1925)

People want to attribute a certain form to God, but I ask the question what form can you attribute to Light? Light itself creates forms. How does it create forms? As soon as it encounters an obstacle, it already creates a certain form. … Make the environment of your thoughts rarer or denser and they will immediately experience some refraction. (Youth Esoteric Class, year I, lecture 5, Old and New Lives, (29 March 1922)

The first process, which is the beginning of will, is restricting. Without any restrictions the will cannot be manifested. Above all, the will presupposes a strictly determined movement in the consciousness, i.e. an inclination of consciousness (Youth Esoteric Class, year I, lecture 4, Characteristics and Manifestation of the Will, 15 March 1922)

The more advanced the evolution of a certain form [of life] is, the more intelligent the atoms comprising it. In order to reach a higher stage of development, the atom has to pass through the four Kingdoms - the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the kingdom of human beings. …The more stable the atoms of given elements in the human organism are, the better characteristics they convey to human character. (Youth Esoteric Class, year V, lecture 13, Real Variables, 1 February 1926)

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