5.4. Contribution to the sciences on self-knowledge

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During the period 1901-1912 Master Beinsa Douno carried out phrenologic research among selected individuals from the Bulgarian people. Later on some of the results were stated in his Sunday talks, and the opening of the Esoteric School of the Universal White Brotherhood (1922) is an indication of his comprehensive approach to the esoteric sciences on self-knowledge: astrology, palmistry, phrenology, kabbalah, etc. His original methodology in this area includes the following major principles:
  • Master Beinsa Douno gave an impulse to esoteric disciples to study on their own the traditions of some esoteric science, correcting and directing the process of learning and research.
  • He forbade the use of esoteric sciences for criticism.
  • He gave an impulse to the so-called evolutionary development of these sciences; they should not be approached from objectivistic and positivistic points of view but they should facilitate the development of virtues in the human soul and should assist the birth and cognition of the Internal Christ.
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