5.6. Some Predictions and Insights about Europe

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We need to learn the great law that God is our Father, that we have to live like brothers, that no one has the right to kill and there can be no violence. This is what God wrote and we all have to live according to His law. If the contemporary European people do not accept Christ’s Teaching, in ten years there will be a war worse than any other war in human history… And I say, ‘Christ is coming! If people accept Love, war will be cancelled; if they do not accept it, there will be a war and then people will experience even greater suffering. (24 June 1923)

After a hundred years you will find Europe absolutely different. The borders will be abolished and other relations will be established among the nations and people. (20 September 1935).

After the war people will start talking about United European States and this idea will be implemented. (1 May 1940).

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