5.9. Attitude of the Orthodox Church to Master Beinsa Douno

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Peter Deunov was born in a family of considerable contribution to the Revival of the Bulgarian nation and especially - struggle for church independence. During the second decade after the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, he founded a Society for the Elevation of the Spirit of the Bulgarian People (1897) where prominent figures in the struggle for church independence were members. The bishops in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church did not accept his reformist ideas about returning to the principles of early Christianity. According to him the clergy should work for free and selflessly, earning their living from their spiritual work among the people. On the other hand, his Esoteric-Christian doctrine is based on the principles of the cause-result relation and reincarnation (the law of reincarnation and karma) with the purpose to improve and elevate the human soul ever closer to the perfection of Christ, principles contradicting the official church dogma. The same is the moral principle of vegetarianism, practiced in the social life of the Universal White Brotherhood.

During the second decade of 20th century, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church made direct and indirect, overt or covert attempts to discredit Master Beinsa Douno. The principle charge against him was that he identified himself with Christ, in spite of his unambiguous speech on 8 August 1920: Do not look for Christ on the physical level; do not try to find Him in one person only, because He is in all people. Moreover, where Christ is manifested you will see an intensive light. Christ is one and many. Sometimes you say: ‘Is Mr. Deunov Christ or Christ is in him?’ I will tell you that I am not Christ, but Christ is in me. …Christ is not in the physical world.

In the spring of 1922, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church campaign against Master Beinsa Douno was at its peak. In his Sunday talk on 14 May he stated: If somebody attempts to speak the truth today, the first thing he would be called is a heretic… If your teaching yields better results I will accept it, but if my teaching produces better results, accept my methods. On 18 June Master Peter Deunov said: Now is the time for culture, we are the bearers of a cultural movement, of a cultural tide in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian clergy is plotting how to impede us, instead of working intelligently, benefiting from this blessing sent from Heavens. They have to understand that they will impede themselves first of all. On 7 July 1922 at the Bishopric Council of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Peter Deunov was declared to have self-excommunicated himself, and his teaching was declared heretic and dangerous to the internal peace and public moral. Master Peter Deunov did not comment upon this event, did not come out to defend himself in public; he only emphasized the ideal of the Great Universal Brotherhood: Let the Orthodox Church resolve this issue, whether Christ has risen in the Orthodox Church, whether Love is accepted in the Orthodox Church. There is one church in the world. The Universal White Brotherhood is outside the church, it is higher than the church. In addition, the Kingdom of Heaven is even higher than the Universal White Brotherhood. Hence the Church is the first step, the Universal White Brotherhood is the second step, and the Kingdom of Heaven is the third step, the greatest one that is to be manifested. (24 June 1923).

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