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Project Objectives
This book is one of the many attempts to deal with the issue, which interests every seeking the Truth anthroposophist since 1911, the issue in which personality Bodhisattva Maitreya appeared in the 20th century. For the last almost 100 years, this question has been given various interpretations but it has always remained topical as well as controversial. On the one hand the book is a survey of the most prominent research done so far but on the other hand it is an attempt to offer a completely new thesis on the issue.

Основни понятия
Двойна двадесетичност
Фрактален принцип
Етерно пришествие на Христос
Ложа на Бодхисатвите
Личност изследвани в книгата
Учителя Беинса Дуна (Петър Дънов)
Рудолф Щайнер
Михаил Иванов
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